[VIDEO] 4Minute: Hot Issue on Music Bank (17 July)

17 07 2009

[VIDEO] SNSD: Tell Me Your Wish on Music Bank (17 July)

17 07 2009

[VIDEO] 2PM: Again & Again + I Hate You on on Music Bank (17 July)

17 07 2009

Again & Again

I Hate You

[VIDEO] 2NE1: I Don’t Care + Win on Music Bank (17 July)

17 07 2009

I Don’t Care

Win + Encore

[VIDEO] Big Bang: Gara Gara Go on Music Station (17 July)

17 07 2009

[NEWS] SNSD SeoHyun is #1 Star Koreans Want to Go On Summer Vacation With

17 07 2009

Idol group So Nyeo Shi Dae youngest member SeoHyun has been voted as the #1 star Koreans want to go on their summer vacation with.

A survey was done on music site Bugs from 6th to 13th July on ‘The star you wish to go on summer vacation with’. And of the 4130 people who participated in the survey, 1934 of them (46.83%) chose SeoHyun.

#2 on the survey results goes to Super Junior leader Lee Teuk (1283 votes, 31.07%) and #3 goes to 2PM Nich Khun with 555 votes (13.44%). Other artistes voted are Wang SeokHyun, Shin MinAh, Lee YoWon etc.

Credits: Sookyeong

[TRANS] 2NE1 Individual Member’s Interview – Same Questions Different Answers

17 07 2009

2NE1, with their 4 members and 4 different set of charms, debuting as ‘female Big Bang‘, is currently one of the hottest stars in the Kpop scene with hits after hits like ‘Lollipop’, ‘Fire’ and ‘I Don’t Care’.

We take a look into the interviews of each members from the eldest unnie Park Bom to the youngest member Gong MinJi of the group.

#1: Leader CL

When did you start dreaming to be a singer? And what type of singer do you aim to be?

  • From young, my dad had liked music. I grow up listen to music freely and gaining interests in it. The singers I really look up to are Lauryn Hill from the Fugees and Madonna. I see them as historical female musicians, really cool.

Your expressions and your acting in ‘I Don’t Care’ is really good. What were you thinking as you were acting?

  • Before our team hits the stage, we will cheer out ‘Let’s play’. Also I take the time to think about the day’s performance’s concept. And because even though it is just one concept, each member’s way of expressing the concept is different, each of us show a different type of charms. I think of the concept and related it to the lyrics.

What are CL’s charms in the eyes of other members?

  • Sandara – A friend more fun than myself. She is polite in front of unnie and oppas, but she does a lot of aegyo (acting cute). Sometimes I feel like calling her unnie because of the good care she shows. She helps me with my clothes and fashion, and I also received much help from her in many ways. I think her eye-smile is really cool too.
  • Bom – She is really clever. She shows a side that is really like a leader. She is the brain of the group.
  • MinJi – She is very thorough with her own work. She is really caring as well. She is also very dedicated when it comes to clothes and choreography. She has also a very special sense of fashion.
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