[VIDEO] 2NE1 TV Short Peeks

13 07 2009

Peek at Minji getting ready for Music Bank performance

Peek at Bom eating

Peek at Bom talking to her mom on the phone

Peek at Minji saying something


[VIDEO] 2NE1’s Interview on Cyworld Digital Music Award (Eng Subbed)

13 07 2009

[NEWS] Will Korean Singers Appeal to American Audience?

13 07 2009

Initiated by Rain’s world tour concert in 2005, Korean pop singers are trying to break the U.S. entertainment industry. But it remains yet to be seen whether Korean pop stars will be able to be as successful as they are in Korea.

Pop star Rain has repeatedly made forays into the North American continent as a potential Hollywood star. His first Hollywood movie, “Speed Racer,” (2008) paved the way for him to star in “Ninja Assassin,” (2009). The new movie, upon its release in November, is expected to strongly influence his potential performance as a singer in the United States.

Another Korean pop sensation, Se7en entered the U.S. music field in 2006, following his Japanese debut in 2005. After three years of preparation, the singer released his first single, “Girls,” in March. But despite his solid Asian fan base, Se7en still does not have much recognition in the United States.

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[NEWS] MyungSica Duet ‘Cold Noodles/ NaengMyun’ is #1 on Online Charts – Big Hit!

13 07 2009

Gagman Park MyungSoo and ice princess Jessica’s duet has proven to be a big hit.

The duet they sang for MBC Infinity Challenge ‘NaengMyun’ has been a popular hit on and offline. The song is #1 on Cyworld real time chart. This has taken the music industry officials by surprise. Many had said that, “Because it is sung by So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica.”

Jessica said in an interview recently, “Park MyungSoo personally came to ask me to partner with him for this Infinity Challenge programme. I am very thankful for that. The recording for the song was very fun too. Park MyungSoo can sing well and I am very surprised about that.”

Recently an album for this Infinity Challenge duet music world has been released offline.

Credits: Sookyeong

[NEWS] FT Island to Come Back With Musical ‘Grease’ Concept

13 07 2009


Hallyuism: 5 member of idol band FT Island introduced their Musical ‘Grease’ concept from their new album.

Looking handsome yet cute with the ‘jeans look’ concept, the picture shows how the member has changed in terms of music style and fashion style. In the new album, the boys brought back the ‘retro style’ from the 80’s.

The new album’s musical style also changed from their previous music sheets, as they are now more open to various music style from ballads to addictive songs. Their new album titled ‘Cross & Change‘ is giving the fans a more mature side w/ more upgraded skills from the group.

Meanwhile, FT Island on July 16, will release its Full album of a 12 songs and at the same time the Full version MV will be release on various online music sites. They boys will kicked off their 3rd album activities on July 19,2009 at SBS Inkigayo Show.

Source: Sookyeong

[VIDEO] Infinite Seoul Tourism Campaign Making: DBSK, SuJu, SNSD

13 07 2009




[NEWS] DBSK’s Representative, “There Are No Plans For UKnow YunHo to Act In Dramas”

13 07 2009

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s representative said on the 13th, “We have not received any proposals for drama acting. There are no plans for him to act in dramas yet.”

There has been rumors recently that Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo will be acting in a drama and fans are greatly interested in it. Especially with reports that UKnow YunHo is very likely cast for dramas ‘미남이시네요’ and ‘절대그이’ on 13th July. But SM has confirmed that there are no plans for him to do dramas as for now.

Rumors that UKnow YunHo will act in dramas have actually surfaced a long time back. Many would want to know how the member of the one of the biggest boybands in Korea acting in a drama would be like.

Meanwhile, Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong has acted in the drama ‘Heaven’s Postman’ for a his acting debut. It is said that the drama will air the later half of this year.

Credits: Sookyeong