[INFO] Kpop FanClub Membership Numbers

20 11 2009

TVXQ’s official fanclub, Cassiopeia, has decreased in numbers:

DBSK: 797 821
Big Bang: 378 859
BoA: 342 848
Lee Hyori: 327 160
SNSD: 285 790
SS501: 278 598
Super Junior: 260 156
2PM: 222 090
Shinhwa: 193 974
Rain: 188 387
Se7en: 162 375
Lee Jun Ki: 136 066
Wonder Girls: 112 823
FT Island: 112 213
SHINee: 107 330

Credits: tieba@sweetfig
Translations: adie@sweetfig

[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 72 (Sandara Park & UEE)

17 11 2009

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[NEWS] Sandara Park Blames Lee Hyori For Her Short Height

16 11 2009

If you didn’t know yet, Family Outing recently welcomed two idol stars as guest family members with 2NE1’s Sandara Park and After School’s UEE.

During the highly-anticipated episode, Sandara Park revealed that Lee Hyori was partly the reason for her short height and she also revealed her shocking weight.
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[NEWS] Lee HyoRi Will Not Attend MAMA

11 11 2009

You’d expect Lee Hyori who’s under Mnet Media to attend the MAMA’s (Mnet Asia Music Awards), but nope, she won’t be there.

The MAMA’s have gotten off to an extremely shaky start with all the boycotts and artists not attending. They sure are plagued. Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] Kim HyunJoong Chooses Lee Hyori Over HwangBo as His Ideal Type

8 11 2009

SS501 was on KBS ‘Champagne’ aired on 8th November and leader Kim HyunJoong was featured for the ‘Top 32 Ideal Type WorldCup’ corner where he has to choose his ideal type of woman from the list of female celebrities based just on their looks.

And during one the rounds of elimination, he was faced with having to choose between Lee Hyori and HwangBo – one his ideal type of woman and the other his made-believe wife. He went for Lee Hyori between the 2.

But Lee Hyori was not his chosen ultimate type of ideal type of woman. Go under the cut to find out who he chose eventually.

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[NEWS] Kim HyunJoong, “Between Lee Hyori and HwangBo, I Like … More”

7 11 2009

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong reveals his ideal type of woman without holding back.

On KBS 2TV ‘Shin DongYeop and Shin BongSeon’s Champagne’ to be aired on 7th November, SS501 has appeared on the special episode and revealed their true ideal type of woman.

On the ‘Top 32 Ideal Woman World Cup’ corner on the show, a list of female entertainers who have promoted with SS501 before were listed as nominees. Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] Lee Hyori and TOP’s Kiss Chosen as MKMF’s Best Performance

2 11 2009

On October 29, Mnet said, “The production teams chose Lee Hyori and Lee Minwoo’s performance in 2003 and Lee  Hyori and TOP’s kiss scene in 2008 as the best performances of MKMF’s history.”

When Hyori went solo in 2003, the song “10 Minutes” earned her the Most Popular MV award. She created even more topics in her sexy performance with Lee Minwoo that same year.

After that, in last year’s MKMF, Hyori and Big Bang member, TOP, performed in a music drama and shocked everyone with a kiss, which garnered a lot of attention from viewers and fans alike.

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[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 68 (Guest: Ha JiWon)

12 10 2009

Welcome back Daesung! 😀

[NEWS] Kim SungMin Apologises to Lee Hyori for Hugging Her

9 10 2009

Recently earning the image of ‘4-dimensional actor’, Kim SungMin has revealed his intention to offer an apology to singer Lee Hyori.

Kim SungMin was on SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ recently when he was asked “You like Lee Hyori’s style?” referring to his hugging incident with Lee Hyori on Mnet 20’s Choice previously. He replied, “If I was Lee Hyori, I would feel unhappy. One day when we meet, I need to apologize to her.” Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] Hyori’s Little Embarrassment Dancing to KARA’s Butt Dance

5 10 2009

Lee Hyori was faced with a little embarrassment after dancing to idol  girlgroup KARA’s butt dance.

This was featured in the latest episode of ‘Family Outing’ aired on 4th October, where Hyori together with the other Family members and special guests Cha TaeHyun and Jang Hyuk had visited the mountain sky line ride in KyeongSangBook Island. Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] Lee Hyori Voted #1 Celebrity Most Assiociated To A Rose

3 10 2009

Sexy icon Lee Hyori has been chosen the best female entertainer who reminds netizens of when they see a rose.

Online shopping mall Yoon Jong Shin Bouquet Flower 365 did a survey on the question ‘Which entertainer do you most associate with a rose?” and Lee Hyori came in #1 on the survey.

The survey was done from 21st to 29th September with 1,000 netizens responding to it. Lee Hyori received 700 votes (70%). Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] SBS’s Controversial Reporter Poll Results

1 10 2009

Possibly the most controversial entertainment-related poll of 2009. SBS’s morning talk show “Good Morning” (좋은 아침) did a poll with 50 reporters specializing in the entertainment industry, with questions such as “Who is the most arrogant celebrity?” and “Who says the darndest things?” The episode was aired on the morning of September 27th. For those that are interested, and I know some of you are, here are the results:

Who changed the most after becoming famous?

1. Lee Min Ho
2. Son Dam Bi
3. Lee Jun Ki

Who says the Darnedest things?
1. Park Myung Soo (Infinite Challenge)
2. Kim Gu Ra (Various variety shows such as Radio Star)
3. Eugene (ex-SES) Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] Lee Hyori and Lee SeungGi are #1 Entertainers Netizens Want to Go Back to Hometown With This Chuseok

28 09 2009

Singer Lee Hyori and Lee SeungGi are voted the top entertainers Korean netizens want to go back to their hometown with this chuseok.

A survey was done on EduWill (www.eduwill.net) from 14th till 25th September on the question “Who is the entertainment you want to go back to your hometown with this chuseok”.

Go under the cut to see which other entertainments are voted on the survey. Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] Sex Appeal Icon Lee HyoRi Rejects 2 Billion Won Offer

25 09 2009

Lee Hyo-ri, the 30-year-old sex icon, will be free from an exclusive contract with her current management agency, Mnet Media, from December, leaving both the broadcast and entertainment circles to pay special attention to her next agency-contract move.

However, Lee has decided to get reunited with Kil Jong-hwa, who was the manager of the defunct four female singer group Fin.K.L that Lee belonged to, online entertainment news Newsen.com said Friday.

Kil has recently set up a management agency to promote Lee’s activities. Their projected reunion has spread since last summer. But the two sides have not disclosed the plan as Lee has to release one more album under the contract with Mnet Media.

Lee is preparing her fourth solo album, whose release date has not yet been determined amid speculation that it will hit the market in October or November.

As a result, this will be the final album to be released under the management of Mnet Media
. Currently, Lee appears in Family Outing, “the first division of Sunday Is Good,” the entertainment program of SBS TV.

It was reported that Lee had been offered some 2 billion won for the management contract from several entertainment agencies, but she rejected the offers and chose instead to be reunited with Kil.

Source: The Korea Times

[PICS] Lee HyoRi for TOP Girl Fall 09

25 09 2009

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[NEWS] KARA’s Nicole: “I Want to be Like Lee Hyori Sunbae”

24 09 2009

Kara’s Nicole, who has been promoting their 2nd album, chose Lee Hyori as the sunbae she wanted to be most like.

On the upcoming episode of “Star English” on channel EBS airing on the 24th, Nicole will talk about her student years in the US and how it led up to her becoming a singer.

Born in Glendale, California, Nicole arrived in Korea 3 years ago to become a singer. “While I was in school I was really into sports, choir and orhcestra. As I got older, I slowly began dancing a lot as well.”
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[NEWS] YG Ent is the Top Company Netizens Want to Apply (to Train)

23 09 2009

  1. YG Entertainment (Big Bang, 2NE1)
  2. SM Entertainment (DBSK, SNSD)
  3. Jungle Entertainment (Drunken Tiger, Yoon MiRae)
  4. JYP Entertainment (Wonder Girls, 2PM)
  5. Hook Entertainment (Lee Seung Gi)
  6. DSP Media (SS501, KARA)
  7. Mnet Media (Lee Hyori, Ok Joo Hyun)
  8. Good Entertainment (ShinHwa)
  9. Pledis Entertainment (Son DamBi, After School)
  10. IS Entertainment (SG Wannabe)
  11. Star Empire (Jewelry)
  12. Core Contents Media (T-ara, SeeYa)
  13. Cube Entertainment (4Minute)
  14. F&C Music (FT Island)
  15. Others

[NEWS] Hyori’s Body Is Perfect, Don’t Need Any Photoshop

22 09 2009

Sexy diva Lee Hyori appears in Cosmo magazine October issue with her very sexy image. The concept of the photoshoot is one sexy couple in a room, Hyori is very sexy along with her male partner, posing sexily infront of the camera.

With her sexy body and her killer stare, she is making this autumn hotter than ever, she also makes the readers cant take their eyes off her.

A staff from Cosmo magazine said: ”Lee Hyori is a very great woman, she has a very sexy and healthy body, that we don’t need any photoshop for this photoshoot.”

Translations: Ashlee1110@hyoleesubs

[NEWS] Kim HyunJoong Goes on a Sweet Date With His Ideal Woman Lee Hyori

21 09 2009

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong goes on a short sweet date with his ideal type of woman Lee Hyori.

Kim Hyun Joong has joined the family on SBS Family Outing aired on 20th September, and in one part of the episode he was seen going on a short but sweet date with Lee Hyori.

Kim Hyun Joong has revealed since debut that his ideal type of woman is Lee Hyori. Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Hyori used to be from the same company. And on the show, when he was asked by MC Yoo JaeSeok “How is Hyori?”, he answered, “Hyori noona brought us up.” Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 64 (SeungRi + HyunJoong)

20 09 2009

*all parts up!

Part 1/8

Part 2/8

Part 3/8

Part 4/8

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