DBSK’s Schedule



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Last edit: 29/12/09

29th Dec – [JAP] FUJI TV 2008 Asia Song Festival (broadcast) – 5pm
30th Dec – [JAP] TBS Japan Record Awards – 6:30pm
31st Dec – [JAP] NHK 60th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen/RW Festival – 7:15pm 






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5 11 2008

OMG!!!! i want DBSK’s signatures!

5 11 2008

Oh man, I didn’t know that the boys were that busy. No wonder they always look so tired D= Seems like October was a VERY busy month for them o-o

10 11 2008
L rain

wow…..they’re very busy and how did u know all about this stuff…
i hope they’re still doing exercises cause they will get fat.

17 11 2008
bao khanh vo

u are no. 1

21 11 2008
lee se-jin

waw…. 0.0
their schedules are so many…
i hope they can keep their healthy…
DBSK fighting!!!

24 11 2008

Fuuh. . .
I kn0w u all must be so tired,but i kn0w u can do it well..
And I h0pe u all can d0 the bezt n d0n’t f0rget to keep u’r health..

24 11 2008

Fuuh. . .
U all must be so tired,but i kn0w u can do it well if u enj0y it..
And i hope u all can d0 the bezt n d0n’t forget to keep y0ur health..
God bless

24 11 2008

aiyyohhh, their schedule is like PACKED –
I hope they don’t overwork themselves.

24 11 2008

you ARE SO COOL!!!!

26 11 2008

OMG. poor boys :O
I love them, but, they work so hard and they have no time for their “life”.

26 11 2008

any idea what time is the broadcast time for nhk’s music japan on the 4th of dec?

2 12 2008

They only have like maybe one day off and when they have the day off,they’re flying!!I really hope they take care of their health,fans would cry like crazy if one of them got hurt or something.
DBSK fighting!♥♥

3 12 2008

wow…full of schedule…
i want DBSk`s calender … >.<

6 12 2008

i hope they take a break. their schedule is too packed.. plus! they are going back and forth japan-korea. i just wish they wont get sick and get enough rest.aish..i hope they still have their lives and not just work work and work.

9 12 2008

23rd December – TVXQ DAY ❤

shouldn’t this be on the 26th? o.o

19 12 2008

What’ll DBSK be doin on the TVXQ day? just enjoyin themselves? N on the 26 Dec, which channel will DBSK be holding their Special Anniversary?

23 12 2008
lychan desu

they are so working to0 much…..

ive copied them btw… :)]

thanKk uuu

26 12 2008

Many thx for sharing…anyway, the five still working hard ^^”

31 12 2008

I want to watch their CDTV 2008-2009 Countdown – 11.50pm! Where can I watch it LIVE? and also Kouhaku. Can you teach me? I mean, I already have TVants. What channel should I go for? Thanks!

1 01 2009

hey umm… could you let me know when they are planning to come to the United States again?

thanks! 🙂

3 01 2009

So the concert in japan aren’t just rumours?
were the confirmed?

3 01 2009

I really whant to know when they are coming back to the US. Please can some body tell me thenk you

3 01 2009

Hello! Do u know when DBSK going to have their mirotic live tour in bangkok? and in other places too? (taipei, beijing etc.) thank you!

7 01 2009

do u know their schedule from march to april?
thx for ur help XDD

8 01 2009
Wi Gun

Hi , just wanting to ask you.. is it true that .. the performance at daeyo gajun 2008.. is it their last performance at korea?

other than Japan & Seoul, which country are they going for 3rd live tour concert? thanks..

they are having so much of activities at Japan this year…does this shows that after their 3rd Live Tour Concert on 2009 , they might end their contract at SM already? just being curosity to ask this question…

thanks.. sorry for asking that much…

8 01 2009

KPOP JJANG > Wi Gun: Yes, their last performance in Korea for their 4th album comeback. Other places for Korean tour includes Bangkok, Malaysia (possibly), Shanghai? Noting is confirmed so keep a lookout here ^^ I don’t think they want to end their contract so soon, there are rumours that they’re releasing a Korean mini-album end 2009. I just hope that the boys get some rest! 🙂

10 01 2009

thanks alot~~

dong bang shin hwaiting!

10 01 2009
Wi Gun

Minsarang : THANKS SO MUCH ! ^^ how about Singapore is it possible?
oh ya isnt that suppose to be 3rd live tour instead of 4th live tour? Really? I hope the rumours are true !
love their korean songs so much XD… Yeah ! just before some days ago.. they are actually having 10 days vacation actually… So yeah DBSK HWAITING ! ! !

14 01 2009

dang i wish i get to see them in real life, but i guess its not fate to see them since we all live in different world and times

20 01 2009

i want fly with my family to japan, because i want see dbsk!!!

26 01 2009

thanx for putting up this detailed schedule ^_^ much appreciated!

do you know when you might be posting up more of the later year’s schedule?? like what is going on arould December of 2009?? and if there is anything gong on such as concerts, where would i be able to find reliable concert ticket links??
thanx again ❤
go DBSK!

26 01 2009

KPOP JANG > dbsk: I will be updating their schedule once I get the latest from their official website so do check back this page for more info ^^ Currently, there are no news on their schedule for the later half of the year. Concert tickets are best bought from their official site? I’m not sure as I have not bought from them before, but do check out their IPLE site or here as I will provide any info on how to purchase the tickets, if there are any ^^

27 01 2009

that was really tiring.
but I know they will always do the best!
Do a good work oppa-deul!!

29 01 2009

hey guys, beware ur healthy……
Good Luck to you’ll……..

31 01 2009

*sigh* i guess this year hollywood bowl they arent really coming… okay that’s fine… just work hard on ur concert for the jap. fans… haha now only if BB were to come!!!!

12 02 2009

tonight’s Seoul Music Awards attendance is really confirmed, right??? Because if they don’t attend, I don’t want their attendance to affect the results! >.<

16 02 2009
Are u guy dance in l.a.

U guy are so cute

18 02 2009
xiahlove ^.^ ~

For 6th March – [JAP] Music Japan “Survivor” perf (broadcast) – 12.10am &
14th March – [JAP] MTV White Day Special Live at Universal Studios Japan, do you know which channel will the boys be on?..thks a million 😀

21 02 2009

Holy mother or Lords!
O.O sheesh, take a break i say!
you know what i wanna do?
imma go and kidnapp them and throw them on an island.
leave them there for weeks.. then tell their manager where they are..
BWHAHHAHA!! of course i won’t be there..
i dont’ want them crazy fangirls killing me..
^___^ hehehe
but of course, i wish they’ll take it easier…
sheesh, people tehese days, thinking of only themselves..
>___< hmpf!

22 02 2009

April 4th –> Mirotic Concert in Nanjing

24 02 2009

I love DBSK but their company is crazy to prepare such a hectic schedule for them! April is the only time where there seems to be a break. I know the boys are very intelligent, talented and hardworking so why not go for quality instead of quantity? They need to get a university education on top of it all. What about their private time with their loved ones and for themselves? In Singapore, what the Koreans are doing is called ‘spoiling the market’. Please don’t overwork the boys, they show know that DBSK meant the world to their fans.

And please, come to Singapore, DBSK, even if it’s just for a publicity campaign, as there’re many die-hard fans here who have been supporting you for many years. I shall keep my fingers crossed.


2 03 2009

WOW…o.o their schedule looks very busy ;(
and in Japan alot! ^^ I wonder when they going to come back to Korea xD

3 03 2009

love them lots. fans here in singapore wants them to come. well, they seem very very busy.

7 03 2009

wow their schedule is soooooo full! hopefully thry dn’t get sick. DBSK FIGHTING!

8 03 2009

oppa a…..hwaiting!!!

9 03 2009

hey, I’ll be in Korea during the Dream Concert! =D
Anyone know where I can find out about buying tickets?
(preferably in English cause I’m a foreigner and my Korean is very very limited XD)

11 03 2009

ohhh my gosh???lookin at their schedule i nearly fainted i do support them but really feel sorry seems as if they r working really hard jst work on n no time to rest id rather stay a commoner lookin at this as im a lazy bitch lol but really hats off to all the celebrities who put thier hearts on tryin to satisfy the fans as possible as they can hats off to u guys as well DBSk rocks eventhough i cant join any of ur concerts nor watch any live shows i do keep myself dated wats goin on with these guys best regards n wishes tat u succeed in all ur works n god be with u guys stay healthy and rock onnnnnnnnnn

11 03 2009

How about their mirotic concert schedule???
did they come to thailand ??

19 03 2009

changmin *-*
I like you very much!

Take care your health.


20 03 2009
little ms. pink2 js^^

can u tell me the schedule on july?? hehe

22 03 2009

we are cassiopeia at Indonesia, hope tvxq come…. please..

25 03 2009
kim min hyun

goud luck 4 yu guyz………aja-aja fighting!

25 03 2009
kim min hyun

wen will tvxq come 2 malaysia?iwant 2 c them.oh,my god!!i lovezzzzzz them very much!!saranghaeyo!

26 03 2009

they got a lack of rest!!!
jz do hope they will taking care of their health for the sake of the fans…
hmm…can t wait to see them in nov [msian]…
since the rumor that they will coming to msia have been spread awide

26 03 2009

hola esta chevere su foro

26 03 2009

hoye osea vealo esta de locos ajajajaja

27 03 2009

dang their schedule is crazy insane, wow i wonder how they fell, especially when they first became super stars,and seeing that full schedule… hmm wow…

31 03 2009
chikero :)

gosh! they always go to japan! hardly see them in korea (and if they do go back only for a short while) and they rarely come to malaysia.. oh well. hardwork and all the best boys 😀

31 03 2009

Fighting TVXQ!

I hope TVXQ can make a concert at Indonesia..

We wanna meet you..


3 04 2009

Hey! I just wonder if they are coming to Thailand this coming Tuesday (7 APR) since they just got back from fan meet last Monday.

If they really come, that would be soooooo wonderful^^.

DBSK is my miracle…..

5 04 2009

Hi..I heard that their concert in BKK (bangkok) on 27th June is confirmed. Do you guys know where i can purchase their concert tickets?? Can i purchase them online?? Ive been waiting to go for their concert and would love to fly to BKK just for them.. pls share if you know…

xxxxYunho oppa…saranghexxx

6 04 2009

Where are they going to hold their concert in Bangkok? I’ve been there for the SM Town concert and I want to see them again.. ^^

7 04 2009

Oh darnit… I’m supposed to be travelling to Japan in early August…..
It would be great to attend A-Nation….

18 04 2009
Wi Gun

Hi MinSarang ,

just want to let you know .. there’s a digit missing out in your schedule..

hope that you can let me know what it is.. thank you..

1th June – [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Osaka (Osaka Jou Hall) – 6pm
18th June – [JAP] 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code ~ Nagoya (Japan Kaishi Hall) – 6:30pm ]

before the 18th june , what’s the exact date?

p.s : thanks lots to K-POPJJANG for great news ! (^_^)

20 04 2009

Thanks KPOP JJANG for your updates^^.

Anasha+kcitadel, I’ve heard the news from the organizer, 4Nologue, in the newspaper that Mirotic Live BKK wil be held on 27-28 June. Venue and ticket purchase are not informed yet. Hopefully, there’s no problem in buying ticket online if they sale via Thaiticketmajor.com.

I’ll keep you guys updated if there’s anything here.

PS. Wanna head to Tokyo Dome sooooooooooooooooo bad (TToTT)

20 04 2009

Any idea what they’ll be doing between July 11th and August 1st? More Japanese activities? or more Mirotic tour? Man… please be Japanese activities! That’s when I’ll be there! at least there is one a-nation date during my time there.. gonna pray like crazy I can go!

20 04 2009

DBSK…………fightinggggggggggggggg……I love U so much :X:X:X:X

28 04 2009

i didn’t know dbsk activity very very busy like that..
but i know, DBSK can do it..
keep ur healthty ^^
go DBSK ^^
DBSK figthing~!!

1 05 2009

Thanks for sharing. ^^

2 05 2009

WOW…WOW!!!SOOOO Full!!!i dont think i can live with that!It is not included the rehearsel one….fuu~~

5 05 2009

anyone have any idea when the encore in seoul might tentatively happen? >.<;;

8 05 2009

I hope all of them takes care of their health.
Really really hope they’ll come to Singapore even if it’s for a while.
There are many fans here!

9 05 2009

wow.. so busy….

save your health…

Jae jong oppa… 🙂

10 05 2009

when DBSK go to indonesia…?? hehhee

11 05 2009

so full schedule…keep ur health guys n for junsu, get well soon…ah, even just watched the last concert from youtube but really hurt saw my huney junsu like that T.T
My wish is they can make a concert in Indonesia or just visit here? wishful for that…
DBSK…HWAITING!!!!!! (^0^)/


12 05 2009

is anyone going to be selling the souvenirs??? maybe on ebay or something??? let me know @ krystalgobea[at]yahoo[dot]com

DBSK Hwaiting!!!!

13 05 2009

When tVxQ wiLL c0me tO IndoNesia??
We are CasSiopeia waiting 4 u,sUnbAe~
Hehe. .

18 05 2009
Jungzuie kim

FOR MinSarang => can i ask you something ?? when Dbsk went to Malaysia because many i have heard that Dbsk will come to malaysia on maybe if i m not mistaken on december is it true ?? .. i heard rumors that dong bang shin ki will come to malaysia .. thou i m not a malaysian but i m just a foreigner from other country that close to malaysia ~ hehe xD

19 05 2009

hi there,
do u know DBSK schedule for december this year (2009). i might go to korea in december and if there are having any concert or event in december, i might go there coz i really want to meet them. tq~

8 06 2009

i can’t believe the busy schedule they have! they must be exhausted once the tour has ended..i’m really proud of them, they have worked so hard to get this far and be so fantastic and successful! 🙂 Hope they take care of themselves…i’ll be supporting you guys all the way over here in the UK! 🙂

🙂 xxx

14 06 2009

HY I’ll be supporting u guys and when tvxq have a new album?i love u.

14 06 2009

hey everyone!
im trying to find out…does anyone know what DBSK has planned for the september period?? ^.^

16 06 2009
Kim JinSook

OMG they are so busy!!!
i hope they can relax more OFTEN!!!

DBSk Hwaiting!!!
Sarang Hae TVXQ!

18 06 2009

I pray that TVXQ will have ample time to rest towards the end of the year. I’ve always wanted them to perform in Singapore but if this means giving them more work, I’d rather watch them on YouTube. I love them a lot and hope the management will give them a long break after all that touring. I’m sure they miss their friends and family back home too 🙂

20 06 2009

wow they are really busy….i also just hope
that all of themm still are healthy and have
enough energie….wouldn`t it be the best when they would take something like a litte break for some days…..


25 06 2009

Is there any chance that DBSK visit the Philippines…Im so excited to see Yunho to dance and have thier autograph Gosh they are so hot….

30 06 2009

come to new zealand i will see u there can i

7 07 2009
kim nyesa

hey i want to meet dbsk soo söo much*^but they are busy as we can see at their fully busy schedule every month,day n year^^hey dbsk i hope one day i can shake your hand**hoohoo¤* always be your 1 fanatic fan of dbsk from me nyesa,BRUNEI DARUSSALAM

10 07 2009

oh wow i never realized how busy they are i hope they have time to sleep go to the gym or you know even sit down for a minute! to their good health

19 07 2009

luv u alL very much….
success in whatever u do..
i luv them soOOoo much..

19 07 2009

i’m ur fan from malaysia..
hope u alL can do ur concert again in malaysia yha..

22 07 2009

i wish them luck and lots of love ^^

24 07 2009

Thank you SOOO much… this is a brilliant webpage~
TVXQ! they are the BEST BAND ever
I hope that more and more people support them and give them lots of love
I will continue to support them even though I am in AUSTRALIA ^^


24 07 2009

poor boys….i hope they’ll be allright….it sucks to work all the time i know that….DBSK ATA ATA FIGHTING!!!
it hurts that i can only pray&support them from behind but not really help them T.T
hope they wont break down…..0.o

24 07 2009

And Im a flipino who live in France.Come here,pls!Spain,Italy and France are countries in europe who’s the number of TVXQ fans is increasing day by day
.Tohoshinki Fighting at A-Nation!TSC DVD-cant wait!!!

26 07 2009

i used to be their fan..

27 07 2009

hola soy dr peru mi amiga mrsly y yo somos sus fans forever tvxq .

28 07 2009

TVXQ! Fighting.

I hope they’ll get some rest. Find time.

(It’s hard I know.. but try.)

31 07 2009

I sometimes wish they werent celebrities. That way theyll have time for themselves. And this isnt all they do. These are just things that the public can see. They have loaddddsss of stuff to do everyday, hardly any sleep and no time at all to eat, rest etc. I cant help but feel sorry for them every time i see them on stage. To think that theyre doing this for us is amazing. U gotta love them. And if they werent celebs Ill be able to date Changmin (: even though he’s significantly older than me. But I dont mind (:
LOL long comment i know. But my love for DBSK (or Changmin, more like) is never ending!!! (:

3 08 2009

I’ll always be on TVXQ!’s side. No matter what happen, no matter what they do, I’ll just be with them.

Hope everything’s alright.

Stand by U 🙂

4 08 2009

I think the schedule is seriously crazy. How could they take everything at a go? Jus give them a break.. They are humans too. They have the rights to take a rest when they are tired. I also wish DBSK will come to Singapore too. But this will increase the workload for them, so i just wish that they will continue to do well in all their performances and remember to take care of their health too. Love DBSK forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever…….

6 08 2009

OMG they’re so busy. Poor them. Ain’t that good for popstars to work so hard & get that lil sleep. Not good for their health. 😦

7 08 2009

…HI!, I’m Mae from the Philippines, I’m just going to ask about the song sandara (Dara) of 2ne1performed i really don’t know what the exact date but can you post it on your home page oh! i mean home page of this website… if you have it already can you please re post it again… can you please…. the song she sung was IN OR OUT…. thanks… toodles….

11 08 2009

Ello, Reian here. I just want to say that please DBSK, don’t push yourselves too hard. You guys are already in our hearts and will stay there until the end…and possibly beyond! >.<
You guys are legends that cannot be erased from our memories. I think we would rather have you guys take a long break than work yourself to death. You guys are perfect and your fans will always and forever love you!!

Anyways, if anyone knows when or if DBSK have anything scheduled for their U.S./Canada fans? Is there ANY possibility that they could come here and do some advertising? or something even better…like giving autographs after giving the best CONCERT ever??…sorry, got a little carried away…

So, if anyone knows, please tell me! Thanks!!

DBSK Fighting!!!

12 08 2009

wah i’m so speechless from looking at their schedule that all i can say is

13 08 2009

OMG!!! the’yre august is so packed!!! :O


15 08 2009

Hey I was just wondering if it would be possible if we could get Dong Bang Shin Ki to come to Adelaide to preform as they have lots of fans here that wish to see them live but cant afford to go to over sea’s so please please DBSK come to austraila and in particular adelaide.

cheers Malissa

16 08 2009

Where can i get DBSK 4th live tour concert in Shanghai? 🙂

17 08 2009

TT^TT I love DBSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why am I in russia??!?!?!!?!?!?!! anyway do you know when will the drama JJ is performing in will be out?!?!!?!?!?! TT^TT

18 08 2009

I hope they come to America, or I could go to them :P. Or Big Bang XD I wanna meet one of them!!!

20 08 2009

they’re soooooo busy……..

24 08 2009

hey…i want they iple link..
my friend said, they have iple …

31 08 2009
cho yen

love u all……. n don dismiss ok? must be 5 of u all together so become a team call “DBSK”. TVXQ forever……………

1 09 2009

so they will be in japan all the time?!?!

1 09 2009

so they will be in japan all the time?!!?

1 09 2009

=.= no activities in Korea to be scheduled yet??? hopefully theyll win the case. LSM is a fricken leach eating up all their hard work.. Anyhows I wish theyll come to Australia soon.. Especially SYDNEY!! WISHING THEM ALL THE BEST~~~`!!

1 09 2009

wish they’d come to aust. man
Sydney plz! DBSK hwaiting!!

1 09 2009

hopefully theyll win the case. Anyhows I wish theyll come to Australia soon.. Especially SYDNEY!! WISHING THEM ALL THE BEST~~~`!!

9 09 2009

i really love your website,it gives me the latest news about dbsk :] thank you

16 09 2009

sorry,just asking for permission.can i use your informations and of course credit goes to you.will link you in my website.

19 09 2009

at 10th Oct – Dream Concert 2009 (Seoul JamShil Olympic Stadium) – 6:30pm

i thought they will not attend the dream concert ???
hmmm, but i want them to perform there…


23 09 2009

when will heaven’s postman air for the goddamn reason I’m waiting for so long already and I’m losing my patience!! TT^TT

27 09 2009

I AGREE~ Heaven’s postman is taking a really long time and it was filmed B4 HTTG… why cant they hurry up…
but i hope they are all gettin enough rest. i dont want them to be exhausted everyday.. i hope they win the lawsuit !


3 10 2009

dbsk is the best of all
i love you guyzs especially
my lovely handsome jung yunho aka uknow

3 10 2009
litle candle

DSBK kpan manggung k’Indonesia yaaa??????

5 10 2009

are dbsk lawsuit against SM already done ? or they do all the activities in japan?

7 10 2009
the` the`

hero i miss you

10 10 2009

I miss the five of them together…

10 10 2009

hi minsarang thanks for the schedules. but how about the december schedules? Because I’ll go to Korea this December and I really wanna see them if they’re in korea in that time. Thanks.

17 10 2009
ritchel ann

i want to see all of the members of dong bang shin ki…

i m so excited to see them…

and soon i will go to korea for them…

hanks 4 the schedule…

22 10 2009

i wanna get that 2010 calendar so badly >,<!!

23 10 2009

i love you all

5 11 2009

why there is no scdle about their concert in malaysia?????i realy hope that they will make their concert here….i miss u so much dong bang shin ki……

5 11 2009

why they not perform in 2009 dream concert???i thought they will…..so im felt so sad now….hope they will make comeback….and what about their lawsuit???iis it done all ready????so what is the result????actually i realy dont understnd about this….but….until the last breath….i will alway support them from here….dong bang shin ki oppa…aja-aja hwaiting!!!!!!!!!

8 11 2009

wow ther r so busy. n i so wanna get the 2010 calander. relax guyz they`ll b ok with our support to them.

8 11 2009

oh dont worry ameerah theyll b coming here on december.X sure bout the date yet

15 11 2009
Nakimi - Naoki

anymore stuff on their activites for november??? and is there anyway i can see their older schedules??

21 11 2009

OMG!!!! i love max he’s freakin hot!! he’s cute! hero is okay , u-know is fine, mickey looks wierd, and xiah is soooo cute. but i like max the max

26 11 2009

Luv DBSK so much..
Hero Jaejoong Hyung luv u….
DBSK figth.,fight.. >-<

28 11 2009


30 11 2009

hi im wondering where to watch Japan live streaming like korean live steaming site?

cause i wanna watch DBSK in Japanese show..

30 11 2009

haiii!! kpop fanz

1 12 2009

I wish they’d come to Hawaii 🙂

8 12 2009

good luck for your schedules…hahahahaha…take care guys…..i forgot to live a comment on your FS junsu…mianhae…mianhada….

9 12 2009
apple shayne weber

aneonghaseo!!! wow you guys are amazing love you….bec.of you guys the k-pop word is expanding!!!! thank you… and aneonghaseo to all k-pop artists!!!!
you can Email me at my facebook heres my account littleprincess_yuna13@ymail.com by the way im from philippines!!!! 15 years old!!!

11 12 2009

how to watch nhk any1??keyhole have to have password ryte??onegai??hohoohoho…^^

11 12 2009

so sad.the bigeast had been cancelled…i got the info from one of cassiopeia blog…they had been released the satement about the cancellation…oh no…

15 12 2009

Thanks a lot. Love you. ^^

21 12 2009
J♥ J

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I love there song really
much i Hope their working
on the 5th album
and get ALOT OF REST
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

23 12 2009
~Punkie CasSz~

DBSK fightin’!!! I love you so much…
…..i’ll always go with you…..
……hope the end……
Always keep the faith…..

23 12 2009

i really love DBSK….oppa Hero Jae is so handsomeeeee…>”<….U-Know is so manly….Xiah is sooooo cuteee….Max is Ok…and Mickey is good…^^…i love all of you-DBSK…if someone ask me who is the best people in my mine, so i'll say that DBSK…do you know, i always wish you'll come to VietNam??? Not only me…your fan, your Cass…yes, we're really want to see you-our Idol….hope 1 day, you will come to my countryyyy…that's will be the best day of my life…

24 12 2009
.....K-pop BiggestFAn.....

i want to c all members uf DBSK…I luvz Hero Jaejoong so muchhhhh….:X:X:X:X:X

24 12 2009

i wish they will come to Vietnam…:( i want to c 5 of them together….
Alwayz keep the faith…

29 12 2009

TVXQ! Hwighting~! *O*
Always Keep the Faith Everyone~! ^-^

30 12 2009

so sad…they are always tired hope they all ok…

31 12 2009

i love Max so much………. he’s so cute……….. i really like his style…….. hope they will come to Viet Nam………….. of course people will like much!~

1 01 2010


5 01 2010


5 01 2010


12 01 2010

i just wona say: dont push u’re selfs to much,stay helthy and just have fun,and be happy cuz if u guys have each other u can do anything we all believe that.
always keep the faith.

20 01 2010

ilove the ”Fight the bad feeling” song…
iloveit!!for real!

24 01 2010

Amm, do you know when their next concert tour will be??

30 01 2010
Lee Hongki

kim jae joong 😛

8 02 2010

❤ Kim Jae Joong =)

26 02 2010

e mun’ dang ki vao CASS

27 02 2010

ii love this band!!!!!like harddout.aye!!!!!!!!1

27 02 2010


1 03 2010
juliana anak johnly

owh…i’m ur fan from malaysia…

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