[VIDEO] KJE’s Chocolate Encore Special (17 Oct)

18 10 2009

DBSK (Jaejoong’s solo, Changmin’s solo, Balloons)

2NE1 – Fire + In The Club

Big Bang & No Brain – Oh My Friend

[NEWS] Changmin Participates in Lotte’s ‘Thermometer of Love’ Event

17 10 2009

The magnae of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Shim Changmin participates in Lotte’s Thermometer of Love event together will fellow artists such as Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, Rain, Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye and Yoobin, Yoon Eun-hye, T-ara, 2PM’s Nichkhun, Lee Jun-ki, and many others.

Lotte’s Thermometer of Love is an event coordinating with http://www.fromcare.org, a Korea’s animal protection association to give proper foods for the neglected animals. Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] One of the Four ‘Most Favourite’ Among Girl Groups, YunHo!

1 10 2009

On the KBS variety show “Champagne” that broadcasted on the 26th of September, girl groups revealed their ideal types.

The night’s guests were Park Gyu Ri and Han Seung Yeon from Kara, Narsha and Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls, Kim Hyun Ah and Kwon So Hyun from 4Minute, Yoo So Young and Lee Joo Yeon from After School.

The special section “dream world cup” was the focal point of that night’s episode. On that episode of “Champagne,” the most popular male celebrities were voted, and the top candidates were Rain, Jung YunHo and Shim ChangMin from DBSK, Kim HyunJoong from SS501, Kim HeeChul from Super Junior, Nichkhun and JaeBum from 2PM, MinHo from SHINee, G-Dragon and TOP from BigBang, etc.
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[NEWS] Reason For Delaying Filming Of ‘Paradise Ranch’

27 08 2009

The reason for the delaying of the first filming for the drama is only to complete it even more perfectly.

A member of the group TVXQ, Choikang Changmin, is going through an acting course which is why the shooting of the drama “Paradise Ranch” is being delayed. Although recently, TVXQ’s company and 3 members of the group is involved in a lawsuit, but during that period, they emphasized that “the lawsuit and an a member’s individual activities will not stop” and they have been preparing for other activities.

Recently, after ending their performance in Japan, Choikang Changmin returned to Korea. He received a very strict one-to-one acting course on days where he doesn’t have to perform. Despite his busy schedule of travelling from Japan and Korea, he has not stop practicing his script and so long as there is time after the activity ends, he will not let go of it.

Choikang Changmin recently expressed that “there has been a series of things happening recently and I, indeed, feel a very huge responsibility. I only want to perform well in this acting challenge, that seems to be like a dream.” and “When we are travelling to and fro from Japan and Korea, so long as there is free time, I will accept advises on acting. To me, acting is a new field and I am also looking forward to it and will have ample preparation.”

Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment collaborated for the filming of “Paradise Ranch” and is planned to be released this year. In this light story and beautiful music to accompany the matured theme drama, Choikang Changmin will show everyone an unexpected and innocent but romantic acting. The first day of filming will be in early next month.

Source: [DNBN] + [neverend-scm]
Translations: thesexy-orange@tohosomnia

[NEWS] Despites The Crisis, Changmin is Still Concentrating on His Acting Debut

26 08 2009

“This first debut, I want to carry it perfectly.”

DBSK member Changmin (21) has been concentrating on acting training for his first challenge drama “Paradise Ranch”. Recently, DBSK is in the process of a lawsuit case related to some of its members. During this lawsuit period, there has been differences in both group and individual activities of the members and inflicts repeated spur in the drama preparation.

Just few days ago, after finishing a performance in Japan, Changmin returned home and when there isn’t any official activity, he’s fully absorbed in drama training.

From Changmin’s assistant, “The series of recent crisis creates burdensome to him mentally, is true. But as acting has been his long dream goal, this makes a great motivation for him. From now on, he’s going to be busy traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan. Even from his recent departure (in Korea) few days ago, he already portrayed an excitement about the drama preparation.”

“Paradise Ranch” is a co-production drama between SM Entertainment and Samhwa Networks. This drama is set to broadcasted at the end of this year. A delightful story of romance is blended by beautiful music will show the fresh youth romantic acting of Changmin. The drama will enter its first shooting early next month.

Source: Naver news
Translations: SYC

[NEWS] DBSK Changmin Will Begin Filming For His Drama In September

22 08 2009

5 member idol group TVXQ’s Choikgnag Changmin will begin filming for his first drama in September.

On the 22nd, TVXQ’s agency SM Entertainment said, “There is a high chance that Choikang Changmin will begin filming for the drama ‘Paradise Ranch’ in early September,” and “Choikang Changmin will be the lead role in this drama.”

This is the first time Choikang Changmin will be starring in a drama in five years since his debut in 2004.

This drama will be co-produced by Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment, and is planned to begin ariting later this year.

On the other hand, TVXQ’s leader U-Know Yunho’s drama MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Heading to the Ground’ will begin airing early September. This is also U-Know Yunho’s first attempt at acting.

Source: [star news+DNBN]
Translations: jeeelim5@tohosomnia

[VIDEO] ETN News: Yunho Jaejoong Changmin’s Acting Debut Challenge

3 08 2009

[NEWS] DBSK Max ChangMin Is The Next For Drama Debut After Hero JaeJoong and UKnow YunHo

28 07 2009

After members Hero JaeJoong and UKnow YunHo, Max ChangMin of Dong Bang Shin Ki will be the next to have his drama debut.

Recently Max ChangMin has been casted as the male main character for drama ‘Paradise Meadow’, and is the 3rd member in Dong Bang Shin Ki to have his drama debut.

SM Entertainment said on 28th July, “Max ChangMin has been casted for youth melodrama ‘Paradise Meadow’. He will start filming for it end of next month and is currently practising acting.”

The drama is a collaborate drama between SamHwan Networks, which brought us dramas like ‘Mother is angry’, and SM Entertainment.

Members Hero JaeJoong has previously been casted for ‘Telecinema’ to be aired later this year and recently UKnow YunHo has also been casted for MBC drama ‘Heading the Ground’, and with one more member trying out acting, more anticipation are in for how these idols will succeed as actors.

Credits: Sookyeong

[TRANS] Jaejoong + Changmin New UFO Replies (26 July)

27 07 2009

Fan: Although I really want to master Japanese, but…. Tell me how to master Japanese~ I want to be able to speak Japanese as fluently as TVXQ.
JJ: You can watch Japanese dramas, and the best method is to communicate with Japanese people

Fan: If Oppas sang us lullabies, I’d fall asleep really quickly
JJ: Sleep well~ My children~ (T/N: Jae singing a lullaby)

Fan: Imagining Jaejoong in a suit, it must be difficult for the people who witness such a beautiful sight, yes?
JJ: Why is it that you don’t see my heart, that is searching for you? TT

Fan: Jaejoong-oppa. Can’t I call you “Jaejoong-ah”?
JJ: Yeah, you can’t! Kekeke. Let’s go to sleep now together! Let’s dream together? ^^?

Fan: Oppa is mine
JJ: I belong to myself

Fan: Give me kimchi made by Kim Jaejoong! Oppa, I really want to eat kimchi made by Oppa!!
JJ: Although I’m very confident… ^^n You should buy the ingredients and come here^^

Fan: Still not replying your children’s messages after so long? I can drink soju too!!
JJ: Then drink! But, I’ve replied ^^!

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[TRANS] Changmin’s UFO Replies (24 June)

26 06 2009

Fan: Oppa… where is this heart going to be placed~I want oppa’s heart… T_T don’t drink alcohol anymore!!
Changmin: Yes, although I can’t agree to it, but thank you, thank you very much.

(The following 2 messages are from the same fan.)
Fan: Oppa, Changmin oppa!! I’ll buy you a meal when we meet up later!! ^^~ I heard you’re meeting Yunho oppa later
Changmin: Its like that?~okay~
Fan: See you later! We’ll buy a meal later! Oppa can even go and watch a movie!
Changmin: Oh…I see…; ;

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[TRANS] TOHO-Mobile Update: Nagoya Day #2 + Changmin ‘Thank You’ Mail

20 06 2009


I managed to eat Nagoya’s Hitsumabushi that I love so much~
This is Junsu ( ̄- ̄)☆☆
When everyone sang along with us, I felt really happy!!!
Thanks! Please look after us tomorrow as well.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Because I ate hitsumabushi,
I was full of energy and able to do my best~!
Tomorrow will be the last day in Nagoya, so I feel a little lonely
But we’ll try our best and be full of energy tomorrow too, so please cheer for us~!


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[TRANS] TOHO-Mobile Secret Quiz: Nagoya Day 1

18 06 2009

Now, who does this book belong to?

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[TRANS] TOHO-Mobile Quiz of the Day (10 June-Osaka)

10 06 2009

Who’s necklace is this?!

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[TRANS] TOHO-Mobile: Yunho Changmin + Yunho’s ‘Thank You’ Mail

7 06 2009

Was it fun?

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[TRANS] Changmin ‘Thank You’ Mail (6 June)

6 06 2009

Everyone in Hiroshima, this is Changmin.
Today is the 11th performance, and it has also ended~ (^^)

Although I came here during the promotions, ate a lot of good food, and gained a lot of strength, but yesterday I ate Hiroshima’s famous okonomiyaki and felt extra Power Up!

We’ve put all this energy into the Live today, and the atmosphere was really high!!
Hahaha (^∇^)
Doing the Tour is really such a happy thing~
Thank you everyone! \(^^)/

Source: [baidutung.com]
Translations: mandasoh@iscreamshinki

[TRANS] Changmin UFO Replies (Late May 09)

2 06 2009

[PICS] Changmin Endorsing Skull NY

26 05 2009

Credits: Prince Shim Changmin

[TRANS] Changmin + Yoochun’s Thank You Mail (Sendai, 17 May) + TOHO-Mobile

17 05 2009


“I’m so happy!

Together with everyone in Sendai spending such wonderful time

I’m really grateful! Thank you!”


“Thank you to everyone in Sendai. This is Changmin.

Unfortunately, it was raining today, but to see a lot of people coming, I was enormously glad.

However live in Sendai is already ended.

Yet.. there are 15 more times to meet with everyone, it is the most pleasure.

When we’re coming next time to Sendai, the 5 people will be in more stamina, please looking forward to it! \ (^ ^)”

Credits: Japan web + TogetherTVXQ + DNBN
Translations: Sharing Yoochun

[TRANS] Changmin May UFO Replies

17 05 2009

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[PIC] Changmin Endorsing for DOHC

13 05 2009