[NEWS] TaeYeon is No Longer SNSD’s Leader?

1 12 2009

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Oh no! What could possibly be wrong?

A fan account of this week’s recording of Strong Heart has been going around and it’s got a lot of people buzzing.

On a segment of the show, SNSD / Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon allegedly revealed that she was going through a lot of struggles and hardships as SNSD’s leader and has decided to step down from her position as leader and take on the role of a normal member of SNSD.

Of course being the leader does not bring any privileges or rights, but as we all know (see 2PM) a leader is necessary for every group both physically and emotionally. Will someone step up to take the role or will the 9 girls operate as one unit and stay leaderless?

Keep in mind that this is all just a rumor so far, but the news is getting quite a bit of attention.



Source: allkpop



13 responses

3 12 2009

“being the leader does not bring any privileges or rights”

I have to disagree. Being the leader gives her more airtime and attention (exposure) which is a big deal for celebrities.

5 12 2009


8 12 2009

please. don’t let this happen.

14 12 2009

Nooo Kid leader Taeyeon 😦
be strong :3

16 12 2009

oh. why ppl make a big fuss about it?
like there is no group that leaderless.
eg. CSJH The Grace..

16 12 2009

i want this happens okey

18 12 2009

please don’t let this happen..
i love snsd..

22 01 2010

i want this to happen so i can choose TIFFANY as the leader
honestly i HATE taeyon and yoona but i love tiffany and soo young
so let this happen NOW

29 01 2010

this was scripted. she said it at chin chin. (at chin chin, he is the radio DJ)

20 02 2010

Love snsd but if Taeyeon’s going through troubled times, maybe they should give her a rest.
Working as one unit, and everyone can share the burden and stress.
Or maybe another leader will be appointed.
Either way, I’m just glad she’s not leaving or anything~
Taeyeon hwaiting!

26 02 2010

i don’t want this happen..only tae yeon who can be the leader of snsd..tae yeon,be a strong girl!!!love you~~

28 02 2010

Tiffany or Hyoyeon should be the leader!!!

8 03 2010

awtz TAE YEON is a GOOD LEADER why TAE YEON being not leader anymore ?
and who`s person being who take up a position being leader ? please answer the question.

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