[NEWS] Tohoshinki’s Sales For First Half Of 2009 Brings In KRW$33,000,000,000

1 07 2009

Japanese rankings chart, ORICON, revealed the “First half of 2009 Sales Ranking” 30 June. On this sales ranking chart, Tohoshinki ranked #8, bringing in ¥2,500,000,000 (KRW$33,000,000,000).

In first place is their nationally renowned group EXILE, with sales of ¥5,400,000,000, and second place goes to Arashi with sales of ¥4,400,000,000. SMAP and Koda Kumi follow Tohoshinki closely, ranking ninth and tenth place respectively.

As can be seen, Tohoshinki’s impact and status has reached that of the A-list standard.

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[PICS] New Big Bang Lotte Duty Free Wallpapers

1 07 2009

[NEWS] SNSD, The Answer To Korean Economics?

1 07 2009

With the release of 2nd mini album just around the corner, SNSD’s title song ‘Tell me your wish’ is being rated online on various websites such as Melon, Doshirak, and Mnet as 1st place in their charts. It looks like the SNSD syndrome that started with ‘Gee’ in the first half of the year will continue with ‘Tell me your wish’.

How does SNSD experience unmatched popularity out of all girl groups that have been pouring out lately? SNSD’s successful strategy can be explained with the ‘bibimbap economics’. (Bibimbap is a traditional Korean plate that has different kinds of vegetables with hot sauce on top of rice)

Honorable economics professor Song Byunglak of Seoul University who recently published ‘World economic war, the pathway to Korea’s success’ picked out the ‘bibimbap strategy’ as Korea’s main competitive power.

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[NEWS] Tohoshinki to Collaborate with Girl Group Dream

1 07 2009

DREAM, a female group that has been active for very long, has chosen an apt date (2009.09.09) to release their 9th year anniversary single “DREAM 9”.

One of the songs will be a collaboration with Tohoshinki, an impressive Korean group. Excluding a previous collaboration one of the team members had with another artiste under their Korean management, this is the first time Tohoshinki will be collaborating with a female group.

T/N: I think they are talking about Jaejoong’s collab with Tenjōchiki (The Grace) – “Just For One Day”.

Source: [withtvxq]
Translations: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net

[TRANS] Tohoshinki Interview on Oricon’s Website

1 07 2009

Close Up

Q1: What do you want to do in your off time?
JS: Yoochun seems to like to travel; I myself also want to travel somewhere too! I want to go to the ocean.
YC: I want to travel somewhere~. Since Junsu wants to go to the ocean, uhm… I’ll choose to go to the desert then (laugh).
JJ: I want to go to Tokyo Dome. Even though we’re going to have a concert at Tokyo Dome this July, I’m never able to see my own concert (as in he wants to be in the audience); moreover, I want to go there for other events and not only concert. Like, a baseball match would be good too; I want to go to a Tokyo Dome that is full of people.
CM: I want to go to the forest or mountain or anywhere with nature. I want to go to those kinds of place to rest/heal myself.
YH: I want to come back to my parents’ house. Although it’s not somewhere special, the place makes me feel very good. In front of my parents’ house there’s a park, and it is my favorite place to be. That’s why I want to go there.
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[VIDEO] 2PM NichKhun Singing ‘Nothing Better’

1 07 2009

[NEWS] 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ is #1 on Music Charts

1 07 2009


2NE1 released their new song ‘I Don’t Care’ title song off their 1st mini album on 1st July at 2pm, and has received overwhelming responses.

The song is already up #1 on real time charts, giving them the names as ‘the best new singers’. Bringing another new meaning from the ‘war of the girl groups’ with other groups like So Nyeo Shi Dae and 4Minute.

YG said, “We are very surprised the song went up to #1 as soon as it is revealed. I think that it will be great if the responses for their activities be as good.”

The song is a R&B pop number with a reggae melody and medium tempo, written by Kush and Teddy. All eyes are on the girls if they will have consecutive 3 hits with their previous hits like ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Fire’.

The girls will release their 1st mini album on 8th July.

Credits: Sookyeong