[INFO] Music Bank’s Top 10 Longest Consecutive 1# Songs

1 12 2009

10th (6 weeks)
2NE1 – Fire
f(x) – La Cha Ta
9th (7 weeks)
4Minute – Muzik
2PM – Again & Again
Super Junior – It’s You

8th (8 weeks)
SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara – Women’s Generation
SeungRi – Strong Baby
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
KARA – Wanna
Davichi – 8282

7th (9 weeks)
2AM – A Friend’s Confession
KARA – Honey
SS501 – Because I’m Stupid
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[NEWS] FT Triple, “Don’t Underestimate Us When Hongki’s Not Around”

26 11 2009

“Our abilities have always been overshadowed by vocal Lee Hongki but it’s time to show them now.”

We have received the interview replies from FT.triple members Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan and Choi Jonghoon, who are busy with their unit activities right now. In FT Island, vocal Lee Hongki catches one’s eye easily. In order to overcome the barrier of not having Lee Hongki with us on stage, the 3 “Bloodtype A Brothers” come together and said that, “In order to attain the synergy effect for FT Island, we want to do better activities.”

Firstly, they’ve got a change in their band positions. Lee Jaejin switched from bass to vocals, while Choi Jonghoon switched from guitar to piano. With an Indian teenager outfit and gorgeous appearance, Choi Jonghoon said that, “I have confidence of playing the piano as I’ve learned it since 6~7 years ago.”
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[INFO] Kpop FanClub Membership Numbers

20 11 2009

TVXQ’s official fanclub, Cassiopeia, has decreased in numbers:

DBSK: 797 821
Big Bang: 378 859
BoA: 342 848
Lee Hyori: 327 160
SNSD: 285 790
SS501: 278 598
Super Junior: 260 156
2PM: 222 090
Shinhwa: 193 974
Rain: 188 387
Se7en: 162 375
Lee Jun Ki: 136 066
Wonder Girls: 112 823
FT Island: 112 213
SHINee: 107 330

Credits: tieba@sweetfig
Translations: adie@sweetfig

[NEWS] Boybands Taking Over Kpop Stage in 2nd Half 2009

15 11 2009

The Kpop scene has taken a change, from the ‘war’ of the girlgroups which went on for the first half of the year, now is the time of the boy groups.

Just looking at the performance list for KBS Music Bank on 13th November, we have 2PM comeback stage, and also performances by FT Triple, BEAST, SHINee, UKiss, SHU-I etc. And there is also SS501 and MBLAQ who did not perform on the show that day. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Music Bank Performances (13 Nov)

13 11 2009

SS501 Wins #1

2PM – Preparation + BTS

2PM – Intro

2PM – Heartbeat
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[NEWS] BEAST, MBLAQ, F.T.Triple For AIDS Benefit Concert

11 11 2009

BEAST, MBLAQ, F.T.Triple, and more are coming together for an AIDS benefit concert.

It is hosted by The Body Shop and MTV and titled,”Yes Yes Yes to Fighting AIDS.” The concert will be held at 8PM on November 24th at the Hongdae live hall.

Alex will host the event and performers include, Jewelry, No Brain, Lyn, Tei, BEAST, MBLAQ, and F.T.Triple.
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[VIDEO] Music Core Performances (7 Nov)

7 11 2009

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign

f(x) – Chu

SS501 – Love Like This

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[NEWS] SuJu EunHyuk “Anchovy”, FT Island JongHoon “Cutlass Fish” Alliance

6 11 2009

Super Junior Eunhyuk gave FT Island Jonghoon the nickname “Cutlass fish” on the show KBS Drama “Super Junior’s Miracle” which will be aired on November 7th.

When talking about how becoming a singer affects your daily life, Jonghoon asked Eunhyuk “I want to gain weight” which Eunhyuk said “I have the same problem. Do you know any effective method for this ?”, Jonghoon then admitted “I has tried to eat a lot of ramen before sleep but I can’t gain weight at all”.
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[VIDEO] Music Bank Performances (6 Nov)

6 11 2009

SHINee Wins #1 + Encore

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong (With SuJu YeSung)

f(x) – Chu~♡

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign
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[VIDEO] M! Countdown Performances (5 Nov)

5 11 2009

SHINee Wins #1

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign

U-Kiss – 만만하니

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[NEWS] FT Triple Reveals Their Hidden Talent

4 11 2009

“We’re just like an egg of FT Island. We will do our best to become the framework of FT Island.”

An interview was conducted with members of FT Island’s sub-unit group, FT.triple, consisting of Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan and Choi Jonghoon. They started the interview by revealing the resolution of the band. The 3 members are currently doing promotions for their “Two Date” album, which is part of the “Double Date” 2CD album that was released earlier on 26th October. FT Island’s vocal Lee Hongki is currently filming the drama “You’re Beautiful“, while member Song Seunghyun is active in various variety programmes. FT.triple revealed to Sports Donga on the day following the release of their album that, “Don’t think of us as a separate group of FT Island. Think of us as an extension group instead.”
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[PICS] FT Island’s 2009 Litmus Winter Collection

31 10 2009

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[VIDEO] Music Bank Performances (30 Oct)

30 10 2009

SHINee – Winning #1 + Encore

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

SS501 – Love Like This

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[VIDEO] M! Countdown Performances (29 Oct)

29 10 2009

Beast – Bad Girl

Beast – Again & Again

FT Triple – Love Letter

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[AUDIO] FT Triple ‘Double Date’ Full Songs

27 10 2009


꼬집어 봐도

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[PICS] FT Island ‘One Date’ Pics

27 10 2009

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[VIDEO] FT Triple – Love Letter MV

26 10 2009

[INFO] Steps On How To Vote For Mnet MAMA 09

24 10 2009


-Instructions/ Steps on how to REGISTER at Mnet

-Vote HERE

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[INFO] Mnet Unveils MAMA – Full Nominee List

24 10 2009

From 2009, Mnet annual music event MKMF will be changed to Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

A live program took place on 23rd October in Seoul Tower and the idea of the new music awards ceremony was revealed. Previously on 16th October, the note “This year there will be no MKMF’ was posted on Mnet’s official homepage, the change of the music ceremony was to give it a new transformation as mentioned by Mnet.

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[NEWS] FT Triple to Release ‘Two Date’ Album & Start Promotions

23 10 2009

Unique group FT Triple, consisting of member Lee JaeJin, Choi JongHoon and Choi MinHwan, from group FT Island will start their unique promotions.

FT Triple
will release an album ‘Two Date’, a collection of 3 songs, and member Lee JaeJin will be the vocalist this time after his musical debut in ‘Sonagi’.

The title song to the unique group will be ‘Love Letter’ written by hit song writer Kim DoHoon. The other 2 songs including in the album are ‘멀리멀리 (Far Far)’ and ‘꼬집어봐도 (Even After Pinching)’.

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