[AUDIO] SS501 Kim Hyung Joon feat. Mellow: Hey G (Full Song)

4 07 2009

[AUDIO] SS501 Park JungMin feat. Jisun: If You Cannot (Full Song)

4 07 2009

[VIDEO] Kim Jinho + Davichi: Timeless (Music Core, 4 July)

4 07 2009

Ahhhh, nostalgic! Reminds me of Junsu and Ri In’s duet! 🙂

Kim Jinho + Davichi

Junsu + Riin

[VIDEO] The Making of 2NE1’s 1st Mini Album Jacket

4 07 2009

[TRANS] Big Bang ‘OUT OF MUSIC’ Interview (August Issue)

4 07 2009

-First time meeting you. Big Bang is finally debuting in Japan’s mainstream music field, could you please introduce yourself? Starting with SOL, what does your name ‘SOL’ mean?

SOL: I’m SOL; I take the vocal position in the band. My Korean stage name is Taeyang which means “Sun”. In Spanish, the word “SOL” means “SUN”.

D-LITE: I’m D-LITE. This name means ‘always bright’.

T.O.P: I’m TOP; I’m a rapper. This is the name that Se7en who’s a senior in our company, made for me. The name “T.O.P.” can also mean ‘the peak, the top”; there are many ways you can define this name and I brought the initials.

V.I: I’m a vocalist. In Korea my stage name in ‘Seungri’ which means ‘Victory’. So Victory- V.I.

G-DRAGON: I’m the leader who’s in charge of song writing. My Korean name’s Jiyong, ‘Yong’ means ‘dragon’. That’s why it’s G-Dragon.

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[VIDEO] 4Minute: Hot Issue (Music Core, 4 July)

4 07 2009

[VIDEO] SHINee: Juliette (Music Core, 4 July)

4 07 2009