[NEWS] DBSK Junsu Confirmed for Mozart Musical

26 11 2009

Although many of you are upset over the TVXQ and SM Entertainment drama, we have some good news for you Xiah Junsu fans! It has been announced that Xiah Junsu of TVXQ will begin his solo activities soon, with fans gathering around to share their interest in this hot new project of his.

On November 26th, netizens became aware that Junsu’s role in the upcoming musical Mozart had been confirmed. And while it has only just been announced, the musical is now currently #1 on the ticket reservations list! There’s no doubt that Cassiopeians are behind this! They have even already nicknamed the musical ‘Xiahzart!’
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[VIDEO] Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong ‘Best Asian Star’ Award Speech at MAMA (Eng Sub)

21 11 2009

[NEWS] LYn Uses New Song to “Confess (her) Love” to Xiah Junsu and TaeYang

1 11 2009

Singer LYn’s new song, “Noona’s Song” is a love confession to popular idols Xiah Junsu and Taeyang.

In “Noona’s Song”, the idols that LYn likes are the representatives of noonas’ hearts. Many female netizens have similar feelings.

Using reggae and house rhythms, as well as cheerful and bright music that is used in line dancing, LYn’s public confession to Xiah Junsu and Taeyang can be caught in the lyrics. The lyrics of popular songs have been creatively adapted. (for this song) Read the rest of this entry »

[PICS] Junsu’s Phở Restaurant “Spicy PhởBay”

1 11 2009

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[NEWS] TVXQ Xiah Videos From School Days To Air On Cable

24 10 2009

Never-before-released videos of TVXQ member Xiah from his school days will be aired on MBC’s cable channel on Saturday.

MBC every1 released a press release on Friday, saying its documentary program “Star: The Secret” will feature the hit idol group tonight, broadcasting clips of Xiah from his childhood days as well as pre-debut photographs of other members of the group.

One of the videos will reveal that Xiah, whose real name is Jun-su, used to a member of dance group S.R.D (Song, Rap, Dance) from elementary school with Super Junior member Eun-hyuk. Read the rest of this entry »

[TRANS] Women’s Weekly: TVXQ’s Junsu Secretly Opened A Pho Restaurant

20 10 2009

T/N: Rough translation for some parts about the dispute w/SM

Photo caption 1: The Pho from Junsu’s shop
Photo caption 2: Taken at the end of last year, Junsu was at a ramen shop, talking and laughing with the members

“Junsu recently opened a new restaurant that serves the Vietnamness cuisine “Pho”, in Seoul City.” (Korean reporter)

Tohoshinki is in the middle of a dispute with their managing company. On 30th September, the 3 members who filed the case, Jejung (23), Yuchun (23), Junsu (22), went to court, but an agreement could not be reached. The other 2 members did not participate in the case, but they are facing adversity.

“As Yunho’s (23) drama ratings are low, so it has been rumoured that it will be cut short. As for Changmin (21) who confirmed his participation in his first drama, at the end of August; at this point in time, there has been no progress in the filming.” (Korean TV Station contact). Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] Junsu’s Brother, Debuting as a Singer?

20 10 2009

Celebrity siblings must be the trend in Korea.

It looks like Xiah Jun-su’s brother Kim Jun-ho is currently preparing to debut as a singer. Word is that Jun-su has personally asked singer The One to be his older brother’s vocal trainer, to which The One has agreed. Apparently, Kim Jun-ho has already been attaining acting lessons for the past three years and has had already been on stage as a musical actor. Read the rest of this entry »