[NEWS] Korean “Boys Before Flowers “‘s Secret to Success: Invincible F4

25 03 2009

The Korean “Boys Over Flowers”, relying on the irresistible looks of the beautiful “flower” boys and the brilliant story line, has firmly grasped the audience’s full attention. It has gathered very high popularity. Not only does the drama have the rich and with prominent family backgrounds, F4, even the plain and common Geum Jan Di has her own unique skills. The sports, horsemanship, marksmanship, golf, soccer, swimming, ice hockey, basketball etc, have appeared on the scene in succession, opening the eyes of the audience. Let’s take a look together at the irresistible stars below.

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[NEWS] BOF Will Only Air 1 Episode This Week

2 03 2009

Boys Before Flowers Needs A Break

KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers will only be showing 1 new episode this week.

At around 1 this afternoon, KBS drama department representative Song Byung Joon, director Jun Ki Sang, etc had got together for an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. According to someone who was at the meeting, “The decision has been made to stop the broadcast. After discussions, we have decided to only show 1 episode this week.”

Female lead Goo Hye Sun had been involved in a car accident this past Friday morning and developed visible facial injuries after treatment, causing her to miss filming.


According to sources, Goo Hye Sun has been hospitalized for the past few days since being admitted for treatment. Although her injuries weren’t anything serious, the visible swelling on her face meant that she has no choice but to skip filming. Representative Song Byung Joon visited Goo Hye Sun yesterday at the hospital and told her that broadcast will be stopped this week, and that she didn’t need to rush herself back. Goo Hye Sun appears in most of the scenes for episode 17, 18 so there was no other alternative but to wait for her return. She herself expressed that she will return as soon as possible within 2 days.

It was revealed that co-star Kim Hyun Joong had also visited Goo Hye Sun in the hospital shortly after the conclusion of the 45th Baeksang Awards ceremony. According to a DSP representative, “He said a lot to console Goo Hye Sun and had been really worried about her injuries. He was actually pretty worried after receiving the news. He also told her to get well quickly and he will see her back at the filming set.”

(below pictures are from drama, not the actual hospital)


If you are wondering why did Lee Min Ho not visit her, well he went straight back to filming after the ceremony, for the filming of scenes with Lee Min Jung, his fiance in the drama.

From the latest update, there will still be Boys Before Flowers tomorrow but it will be a special talkshow consisting of highlight scenes, cut scenes and NG scenes with Episode 17 following on Tuesday. Normal schedule will resume next week. The halt in broadcast is not new in the industry. SBS Painter of the Wind was halted for 1 week after Moon Geun Young was injured during filming. MBC Wolf (only aired for 3 episodes) production was stopped entirely after Eric Mun suffered serious injuries from a stunt gone wrong during filming.

Even if they managed to clear this week’s episodes, it doesn’t hide the fact that the Korean drama system of filming and then broadcasting it a few days later isn’t actually the best working enviroment for all involved with the production.



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[NEWS] Goo HyeSun Hospitalised After Traffic Accident; Filming for Episodes 17 & 18 Incomplete

28 02 2009


Actress Goo Hye Sun got into a traffic accident on 27th February, and because her injuries are serious, filming for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ may not be able to continue.

Goo Hye Sun’s representative said, “She sustained from injuries around her lip region and had to undergoing sewing for her injuries. Hence it will be hard for filming to resume on 28th February since her injuries will be visible.”

Update: It is confirmed that she will go back to filming on 1st March


Goo Hye Sun was heading Seoul on the morning of 27th February after filming in GyeongNam ChangWon on 26th February when the accident happened. Already, Goo Hye Sun had injuried her head while filming a scene at the swimming pool awhile back.

Initially it was planned that Goo Hye Sun will leave for filming again after she gets discharged from hospital on 28th February, but looking at how serious her injuries is, the filming will have to see how things go. This calls for emergency because the filming for episode 17-18 to be aired on 2nd and 3rd March are yet to be completed.


Credits: Sookyeong

[NEWS] TV Drama Gets People To Travel

27 02 2009

Heroine Geum Jan-di and the main character Gu Jun-pyo take a romantic getaway
to a New Caledonian beach in KBS smash hit “Boys Over Flowers”

Thirty-year-old Park Hyun-ju is getting married in March and has seriously considered New Caledonia as her honeymoon destination. “I never knew there was such a place, but after watching TV drama “Boys over Flowers,” it suddenly got on the map,” she said. She gave up the plan and has chosen somewhere else, but said her friends are also considering the location as a honeymooner’s nest.
New Caledonia Surges as Popular Place

Japanese writer Katsura Morimura described the place as “The Island Closest to Heaven,” but it wasn’t until four fabulous boys took a little girl out on a romantic spree that New Caledonia has appealed to Koreans as a must-visit destination.

The small screen smash hit shows glimpses of the luxurious lives of jet-setting, wealthy heirs. With the tourism industry struggling due to the plummeting economy, Korean audiences are smiling, with people rushing to catch a glimpse of the F4 ― the four fabulous boys.

The TV drama showed every aspect of the island ― its cozy but flashy resorts, the heart-shaped island; helicopter tour and other leisure activities one can take part in on a holiday there. Likewise, New Caledonia Tourism has been holding aggressive promotions in recent years, from providing free flights as lottery prizes to holding online campaigns.

However, upon being featured in the drama, it suddenly became a coveted vacation destination. According to Web page ranker Overture, the New Caledonia Tourism Web site marked 13,107 page views through portals such as Naver and Yahoo to become the most viewed tourism office Web site among Koreans in January, leaving Singapore, in second place, far behind, with 7,046 views.

Tourists agencies are busy preparing special packages for honeymooners. Lotte, Mode and other major agencies are rushing to attract travelers with bargain prices ranging from 1.7 million to 3 million.

Macao is now becoming audiences ― second target. Dubbed the “Las Vegas of Asia,” the little Chinese territory is filled with extravagant hotels, casinos and shopping malls.

From artificial torrents to staggering casinos and luxurious restaurants and hotels, the jaw dropping scenery matched with the business tycoon image of the beautiful boys as adults. “We are not really seeing the number of tourists going up yet since our episode aired only a couple of weeks ago, but we’re definitely receiving more telephone calls since then, some asking about specific locations in the drama,” Lee Min-young, a Macao Tourists’ Office staff member, said.

The online world is heating up. Bloggers are busy posting pictures and portal sites are filled with people asking questions about the place.

Fans Rush to Locations

The popularity of the drama draws fans to filming locations.

Group Eight, the production company, tries its best to express the luxurious lifestyle of the “F4”, or the four rich pretty boys in the show. Small wonder that local hotels are popular destinations of the Boys Over Flowers production team.

Damyang Dynasty Country Club, a luxurious golf course that opened in June 2008 in South Jeolla Province, is famous to fans of the series. The clubhouse there was used as the home of Gu Jun-pyo, the leading character, played by newcomer Lee Min-ho. “The grand exterior of the clubhouse and a large white fountain with sculptures in front add a sophisticated touch to Gu’s house,” said Park Rae-hyun, of Group Eight. However, the interior of the house was shot elsewhere.

Yun Ji-hu is another member of F4, played by singer-turned actor Kim Hyun-joong. Since the character is the grandson of a former president, the producers looked for a classical location to film as his home. Ragung, a hanok (Korean traditional house) hotel in Silla Millennium Park, Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, was the perfect choice, built in the traditional architectural style with a modern interior.

Hilton Namhae Gold & Spa Resort, located in South Gyeongsang Province, was another location of the flowery drama. Min Seo-hyeon (played by actress Han Chae-young) held her welcoming party at the resort and heroine Geum Jan-di (Ku Hye-sun) appeared at the party in a Wonder Woman costume. The scenes of Geum saving Gu in a swimming pool were also shot at Hilton Namhae.

“Since it was very cold and the filming took place late at night, the actors seemed very tired. Lee Min-ho stayed at the resort for a day after the exhausting shooting,” an official of Hilton Namhae said.


From Ice Rinks to Hotels

Grand Hyatt Seoul’s famous ice rink once again appeared in the drama when Gu and Geum went out to skate with the latter’s friends. The hotel’s grand ballroom was where Gu’s 20th birthday party took place.

Lotte Hotel World’s Emerald Room and group lounge appeared in the show_ second episode and will appear again. Suh Kwang-il, the manager of the PR Department at Lotte Hotel, is in charge of product placement promotions. “The director, or public relations person, contacts us if they think our hotel fits the scene they want to shoot. When her or she has worked with us already, it’s much easier to fine tune filming details,” he said.

Sometimes hotels and production cooperate in the early stages and publicize the place or product throughout the drama. “For example, Lotte Hotel is the main location for MBC’s “East of Eden” and will be the hotel for Kwon Sang-woo’s next drama, “Cinderella Man,” Suh said.

Go You Xin, a Taiwanese national who likes Korean pop culture, watched the Korean drama through the online video site YouTube and immediately fell for it. When she visited Korea for Big Bang’s concert, a Korean friend, Woo, took her to the filming spots of the hit drama, such as N Seoul Tower on Mt. Namsan, and took pictures imitating scenes from the program.

They also visited the porridge restaurant where Jan-di and her friend worked part time. Go became the first Taiwanese fan to do so. Then they went to restaurant Farmer’s Table in Heyri, which was used for a school cafeteria scene. At the end of the day, Go was lucky enough to find out about the next day’s shooting from the owner of “Jandi Laundry,” which also appears in the show.

The next day, Go returned and watched the filming of a scene with the two main characters, Lee Min-ho and Ku Hye-sun, at an illuminated playground in front of the cleaner. However, Group Eight did not want to disclose filming locations. “It’s almost impossible to film on location due to crowds of fans, so we try not to reveal such information,” said an official.

For example, they wanted to film a scene of Gu on a date with Geum at Cheonggye Stream, but had to give up due to the pre-informed crowd and filmed the shot near Hongik University instead.

Despite the production’s hardships, fans still flock to filming locations, which take the toll of being popular. Keimyung University in Daegu, for instance, provided the exteriors of Shinhwa High School and has since suffered from endless graffiti from fans.

The Drama is A Cash Cow

A TV industry insider said the drama is now a cash cow. “Given the economic slump, that particular drama is the only one that actually makes money. Everyone in the tourism industry is lined up to have their area featured on the show but it’s too late since we’re in the middle of filming,” he confided.

There are several examples of TV making spots famous, not to mention the movie The Lord of the Rings, which brought billions of dollars to New Zealand’s tourism industry. Korea’s “What Happened in Bali” marked the location as an exotic and luxurious southern island and “Lovers in Prague” made many dream about romance in eastern Europe.

“Dramas make viewers fantasize about what they don’t have and becoming something they aren’t. By going where show characters have been, people get a breath of fresh air and get to enjoy an exotic atmosphere, which everyone wants,” Prof. Hyun Taek-su of Korea University’s Sociology department said.



Credits: Korea Times

[NEWS] Boys Before Flowers’ New Cast: Park Soo Jin and Im Joo Hwan as So Eejung’s First Love & Brother

25 02 2009

Member of disbanded idol girl group Sugar, Park Soo Jin and actor Lim Joo Whan will be taking the roles of the past triangle love relationship of So Ee Jung, played by Kim Bum.

Park Soo Jin will be playing the character of So Ee Jung’s first love, Cha Eun Jae for a total of 3 episodes. Her character will explain the reason for Kim Bum’s negativeness about love and reason for his “playboy” attitude.

In the story, Cha Eun Jae is Ee Jung’s childhood friend and had a crush on Ee jung but ends up dating Ee Jung’s older brother. Ee Jung first love was Cha Eun Jae, but has to bury this fact and live on still holding his love for Eun Jae showing a different, sweet side of the character. The role Park Soo Jin will be taking will help the relationship between Gaeul and Eejung.

Park Soo Jin said “It’s still chilly right now, but my heart feels like it’s already warm spring.” and “I will try my best to allow the viewers to remember the image and memory of how first love was so innocent and filled of happiness. I will do my best to fulfill Eun Jae’s role. ”

And actor Lim Joo Whan will be playing So Il Hyun, Ee jung’s older brother. Joo Whan will play the character who gave up the role of the heirloom to the family fortune to become a local barista at a cafe.

Il Hyun lives with the guilt and resentment towards his younger brother for giving up the burden of running the family fortune. Through episode 17, Il Hyun tells the story of him giving up the heir placement because of Ee Jung’s natural talent and skill for pottery and introduces the burden and pressure EeJung had to live with since young.

Lim Joo Whan is currently filming another drama, but agreed to guest appear in BOF episodes.

Lim Joo Whan and Park Soo Jin will be joining the cast this coming March 2nd.


Source: 양지원 기자 jiwon@mydaily
Translations: misshakissh@soompi

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23 02 2009

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