[TRANS] SNSD, Still a Long Way To Go (Interview)

14 07 2009

Girls’ Generation tells us their challenges, dreams and misunderstandings.

“It’s SNSD’s time these days isn’t it?”

From ‘Gee’ to ‘Genie’ they produced a two-in-a-row homerun.
In trendy terms, SNSD is the bomb.

However, the girls’ answers was of the unexpected.

“SNSD still has a long way to go. We still have much more to show you.”

What more could they show us? SNSD rose above expectations. They did not just
remain as a pretty girls’ singing group, but they conducted a trend in song and
fashion. Their first product was ‘Gee.’ The addicting song became a textbook
answer for other vocal artists, and their primary coloured skinny jeans led a new
fashion code on the streets.

SNSD yet again attempted a new transformation. Through ‘Genie’ they threw away
repetitive choruses and their cute skinny jeans. Instead they reintroduced
themselves through Euro dance and a refreshing marine military appeal.

“We don’t want to dwell on trends. We wanted to create a new trend. That’s why we
got rid of the addiction song and took off our skinny jeans. We wanted to escape
from our own trend and recreate a new one.”

They want to show us more, and do more. Their satisfaction of ‘SNSD’ is far from

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[NEWS] 4Minute Informs The World About Korea’s Characters

14 07 2009

The new girl group 4minute has been selected as the public relations ambassadors for the 8th Seoul Character and Licensing Fair (SCLF) 2009.
They will be at the Sangamdong office building on July 13th where the SCLF will be introduced at 11 AM.
4minute has been chosen to tell the world about the excellency of Korea’s characters.

The SCLF 2009 is the biggest event in Korea. This year, representatives from 168 different countries will be there to participate in this enterprise. BBC Worldwide and Paramount Pictures will be there to distribute global content.

4minute said, “We’ve been appointed as ambassadors so we’re extremely happy. We’ll try our best to succeed in this year’s ‘content connection’ exhibition.”

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[NEWS] 4Minute, “Instead Of The ‘Best’, We Want To Be The ‘Only'”

14 07 2009

4minute debuted with the song <Hot Issue>. However, they were very popular before they even debuted because Hyunah had already been a member of the Wonder Girls. Amid the ferocious competition between SNSD, 2NE1, and Kara, Jiyoon said, “We don’t think of it as a competition. Instead of being greedy about being the ‘best’, we want to become the ‘only’ so that it is impossible to compare us with anyone else.”

4minute’s charming points?

Gayoon: Jihyun looks pure, innocent, and girly because of her appearance. When she dances, she looks elegant. That is one of her charms. Her forte is that as a leader, she listens to us.

Jihyun: Jiyoon’s charm is her personal “charms” (attractiveness). She’s very devoted. No matter how late we stay up to practice, she always wakes up the earliest in the morning. Her charming point is her exceptional passion for music.

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[NEWS] Tohoshinki’s ‘Stand By U’ Single Tops Oricon Chart For The Second Time

14 07 2009

Even after two weeks since it’s release, Tohoshinki’s “Stand by U” manages to get the top spot again at the Oricon Daily Charts.

Screencaps by: onetvxq.com

[NEWS] Sandara Park on Joseph Bitangcol’s Statement, “It’s Not True. We Were Just Made-Believe Couple”

14 07 2009

Sandara Park’s representative has come out to explain on Filipino entertainer Joseph Bitangcol’s statement recently.

A YG representative said in a phone interview on 14th July, “He used the expression of ‘ex-girlfriend’ because they had appeared together as made-believe couples in the Filipino version of ‘We Got Married’. They did not date each other.”

Joseph has referred to Sandara Park as his ‘ex-girlfriend’ previously in a media interview which got many’s attention. He also mentioned in the interview that he still keep in contact with her.

Netizens then became curious about her love relationship with Joseph. Her representative said, “Programmes set with love relationship in the Philippines are really popular. Hence Sandara had worked with this male entertainer. It seems that the truth has been distorted and misunderstood by many here in Korea.”

Credits: Sookyeong

[VIDEO] New Singer Kang JiHye Covers 2NE1’s I Don’t Care

14 07 2009

[VIDEO] Tohoshinki’s Posters in Japanese Subway Featured on Tokyo Street TV

14 07 2009