[NEWS] 4Minute Will Perform A Tribute For Michael Jackson on Music Core

23 07 2009

At MBC Show Music Core, girl group 4Minute will be having a performance to commemorate the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

On this coming July 25th, at broadcast ‘Show! Music Core’ 4 Minute with ‘Hot Issue’, they will be preparing a special performance to commemorate Michael Jackson, who has been dedicating his life to inventing new dance choreography. 4Minute also will be changing the intro song and will wear different kind of clothes compared to their usual outfits.

As this stage has a significant meaning to it, 4Minute members have been diligently preparing for this special performance and it has raised higher expectations of the performance.

Last month on the 25th, Michael Jackson passed on due to a  heart attack. And because to this, after a month has passed, the whole world has been preparing to commemorate him including Korea.

This time, 4Minute’s special performance will be taking place on the afternoon at 4:20 at MBC.

Source: StarMT
Translations: kirra12 @ 4-minute


[INFO] Top 10 Stars With The Best ‘Natural’ Look

23 07 2009

‘Natural’ based on their charms even off stage.

01. Yoochun (DBSK) / Shiwon (Super Junior) / JongHyun (SHINee)
02 Shin-ae / Lee Yeon Hee
03. SunYe (Wonder Girls) / Hang Seung (KARA)
04. G-Dragon (Big Bang)
06. SoHee (Wonder Girls) / Kim Jaejoong (DBSK) / Lee Minho
07. Minho (SHINee)
08. Eugene (former SES) / Chae Yeon
09. BADA (former SES)
10. Shindong/YeSung (Super Junior)

Source: TVXQbaidu bar
Translations: Mel@OneTVXQ

[VIDEO] FT Island: I Hope and Bing Bing Bing on M!Countdown (23 July)

23 07 2009

[VIDEO] 2NE1’s First Win on M!Countdown (23 July)

23 07 2009

Just a cut on them winning although they weren’t present :p

[VIDEO] FT Island 3rd Album Interviews on Star ChoSun

23 07 2009

Part 1
Talkshow on FT Island’s Top 10 Related Keyword

Part 2
Hope That You Will Love Us Always

[VIDEO] FT Island 3rd Album Individual Interviews on Star ChoSun

23 07 2009

Hongki, “I still want to challenge myself as a radio DJ”

JongHoon, “I’m the 3rd most popular in the group!”

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[VIDEO] 2AM on Love Escort Episode 1 (Eng Subbed)

23 07 2009

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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