[INFO] JYP Family’s Official Twitter Account Links

15 07 2009

I posted the news previously about how all of JYP’s babies have official Twitter accounts…

Here’s the links to each of them!

Wonder Girls




[NEWS] Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry Released In Japan + Oricon Ranking

15 07 2009


The Japanese version of <SORRY, SORRY> is ranked #12 on the Oricon Daily Chart on its day of release.

Super Junior’s <SORRY, SORRY> album has gone on sale in Japan on the 15th of this month.

Japan’s special edition of the album contains the MV of <SORRY, SORRY> and <It’s You>, as well as the Dance Version which has never been released online.
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[PICS] AADBSK3 Saipan Photobook: ‘Please Be Mine’ Part 2

15 07 2009

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[NEWS] 2PM Nichkhun, “I Often Dream of Becoming a Father Who Cooks For His Kids”

15 07 2009
Nichkhun (21), the only foreign member of dancing group 2PM. Nichkhun, who has an outstanding appearance, born in USA and moved to Thailand. After living in Thailand for a while, he was sent to New Zealand and went back to USA to study. Right now, he is left alone in Korea. Many people thought he could survive there by drinking only milk. However, Nichkhun love eating roasted streaky pork wrapped with hot chill. This is him, a strong man who has experience from various countries under the nickname “Milky boy”
When he thinks about his family, he thinks of steak.

The memorable food in his childhood was happened to be plain steak in spite of Tom Yam Kung (Thai Spicy soup). Nichkhun who lived in various places when he was young implied that “By that time, my family often had BBQ parties but now we cannot have it so I miss them”

Nichkhun was born in the States and stayed there until he was 2 years old. He moved back to Thailand until 12 years old. After that he went to New Zealand during junior high and then back to USA when he was 14 years old. Finally, he was in Korea in 2006 when he was only 18 years old. Nichkhun’s dad is Thai, his mom is Chinese, both of them are entrepreneurs so they wanted their son to see the world. Therefore, Nichkhun, has citizenship of Thailand and US and can speak English and Thai fluently.

[VIDEO] Big Bang So-net Music Message

15 07 2009

[INFO] FT Island’s Feature in ‘Teens’ Magazine: Priceless Treasures

15 07 2009

From Singapore’s Teens Magazine, August 2009 edition:

(click to see bigger scan)

Priceless Treasures
Meet the five treasures of Korean pop, FT Island. (by Hyemun)

Ask K-pop fans to list their favourite Korean groups, and you’ll probably get answers like “Super Junior”, “Dong Bang Shin Ki” or “SS501″. And one name that has been added to the list and is climbing up in popularity recently is FT Island (Five Treasures Island).

Making their debut in 2007 with the album Cheerful Sensibility, the five youngsters – leader and guitarist Choi Jonghoon (19), lead vocalist Lee Hongki (19), bassist Lee Jaejin (18), drummer Choi Minhwan (17), and Oh Wonbin – rocked Korean pop fans with their brand of pop-rock tunes.
That was followed by their sophomore album Colourful Sensibility, and Japanese single Soyogi.

In Jan 2009, Oh Wonbin left the band over musical differences and was replaced by guitarist and vocalist Song Seunghyun (17).

The change of members didn’t stop the group, who released a mini album Jump Up in February 2009 and most recently, their Japanese single I Believe Myself.

The group is also planning to release their yet-to-be titled third album in the upcoming months.

With such a packed schedule, it’s a wonder that the boys had the time to visit Singapore for a showcase and fan meet late last month.
They even took some time off to have a special chat with teens about music and each other’s bad habits.


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[NEWS] Kim Ah Joong’s Ideal Partner is DBSK’s Kim Junsu

15 07 2009

In Byeolbam show yesterday, when being asked “Who Is Your Ideal Partner for World Cup”, Kim Ah Joong answered without hesitation, “A man who features a fun laugh and good voice.”

Later on, it was revealed that her ideal partner is Kim Junsu.

Source: 네멋
Translations: Sharing Yoochun