[NEWS] SNSD-4Minute-After School for ‘Starking Dance Battle’

11 07 2009

This generation’s best girl groups SNSD, 4 Minute and After School will be having a dance battle at StarKing. On the upcoming July 18th at broadcast station SBS Entertainment Program ‘Star King’, SNSD, 4 Minute and After school together with the fans will showcase their dance battle.

SNSD, 4 Minute HyunAh, AfterSchool UEE will be participating with different kind of dance styles at Star King.

As soon as they debut with ‘Hot Issue’ everyday they become hot issue, group 4 Minute’s HyunAh’s powerful ‘Transformer dance’ has been popular in many video sites, even the international ones. Not only that, even 2PM Jaebum will dance HyunAh’s ‘Transformer Dance’ together with special guest. (T/N : Another article says he already did)

Source: 4Minute Forums + OMNTD



5 responses

12 07 2009

Wow,i`m sure that was a nice performance >.<
SNSD !!! Fight!!!

13 07 2009


27 02 2010
papa son


5 03 2010

HELLO yupi!♥♫♥♫

love of ol u guyz

8 03 2010

i love korean pipz…… the way they wear clothes so fashionista ever,,,,,,

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