[NEWS] DongHae is Most Suitable to be Jang Ri In’s Boyfriend

18 11 2009

Powerful young R&B diva, Zhang Li Yin recently guested on Jiangsu’s “Exceptionally Unlike Another” variety show. As the younger sister to idols Super Junior, Zhang Li Yin has garnered a lot of attention since her debut. On the show, Liyin discussed many interesting events that happened during the times she and Super Junior collaborated together, as well as revealed her standards in a potential boyfriend: She has the most chemistry with Siwon, but thinks Donghae is most suitable as her boyfriend.
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[VIDEO] Jang Ri In’s SOHU China Interview (Eng Sub)

10 11 2009

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[PICS] New Official Pics of Jang Ri In

31 10 2009

[NEWS] Super Junior-M and Jang Ri In To Hold Joint Press Conference For Their Mini/Single!

23 10 2009

Sponsored by Sohu, Super Junior-M (Super Girl) and Zhang Liyin (Rainy Day Sunny Day) will be holding a joint press conference on October 26 at a secret location in Beijing! For this private event, Sohu will allowing SJM fans and Zhang Liyin fans to closely meet with their idols. From going on-stage with them to taking face-to-face photos with them, this is an event that Sohu has specially organized for their registered members! Don’t hesitate and grab tickets now!

Source: Sohu, Chinaren, Kuraya1023 Lavenderwingz2
Translations: Wendy @ Chocolyn

[VIDEO] Jang Ri In ‘Rainy Day’ MV (Starring SuJu DongHae & Henry)

19 10 2009

Starring SuJu Donghae & Henry!

[NEWS] Jang Ri In’s New MVs to feature DongHae and Henry

18 10 2009

On October 15, Jang RiIn (Zhang Liyin) ’s new teaser for her single was revealed on Sohu. Despite it only being 34 seconds long, it created a huge reaction from fans.

Since her debut, Liyin’s MVs have mostly featured her seniors in her SM Entertainment company. In “Timeless” and “I Will”, this girl with such outstanding vocal capabilities has seemed rather shy on-camera.

However, in Liyin’s new single, “Sunny Day, Rainy Day”, she not only acts in her own MVs, she also works with Super Junior M’s Donghae and Henry. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Jang Ri In’s Comeback Teaser Movie (Feat. SuJu Donghae)

15 10 2009