[INFO] SBS Gayo DaeJun Line Up + Streaming SBS Live

29 12 2009

Date: 29th December 2009
Time: 9:55 PM KST

Line Up

Male Group:

  • SHINee – ‘AMIGO’, ‘Ring Ding Dong’ & ‘JoJo’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2PM – ‘Hate You’ & ‘Again & Again’ + ‘Heartbeat’ (Remix) + acrobatic performance
  • Super Junior – ‘Sorry Sorry’ & ‘It’s You’ (Remix) + performance
  • Beast – ‘Bad Girl’ & ‘Mystery’ (Remix) + performance
  • MBLAQ – ‘Oh Yeah’ & ‘G.O.O.D Luv’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2AM – ‘This Song’ & ‘Friend’s Confession’ (Remix)



  • Son Dambi – ‘Crazy’ & ‘Saturday Night’ (Remix) + After School joint performance
  • Lee Seung Ki – ‘Will You Marry Me’ (feat. Park ShinHye) + ‘Let’s Break Up’
  • JYP– ‘Honey’ + ‘She is Pretty’ +’ No Love No More’ + performance
  • Younha – ‘Password 486′ + ‘1,2,3′
  • Kim Tae Woo – ‘Love Snow’ (feat. Slime)
  • G-Dragon – ‘Heartbreaker’ + ‘Korean Dream’ (feat. TaeYang) + ‘Hello’ (feat. 2NE1 Sandara)
  • TaeYang – ‘Wedding Dress’ & ‘Where U At’ (Remix) + performance
  • Baek Ji Young – ‘Like Being Hit’ (Dance Ver.) + ‘My Ear’s Candy (feat. 2PM’s Taecyeon) (Remix)


Female Group:

  • T-ara – ‘Lies’ & ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
  • After School – ‘Diva’ (Remix) + ‘Because of You’
  • KARA – ‘Honey’ + ‘Wanna’ + ‘Mister’ (Remix) + performance
  • SNSD – ‘Gee’ + ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2NE1 – ‘Fire’ + ‘I Don’t Care’ (Remix) + ‘Let’s Go Party’
  • Brown Eyed Girls – ‘Abracadabra’ + ‘Sign’ (Remix) + performance
  • Davichi – ‘8282′ + ‘I Made An Accident’
  • 4Minute – ‘Hot Issue’ + ‘Muzik ‘(Remix) + performance
  • F(x) – ‘LA chA tA’ + ‘Chu ~ ♡’
  • Jewelry – ‘Variety’ + ‘Love Story’


Special Stage:

  • Lee MoonSae Stage –  SHINee JongHyun, Super Junior Kyuhyun, Kim Tae Woo, Baek Ji Young
  • Lee Seung Chul Stage – SNSD, Davichi, Seo In Young
  • Trot Joint Stage – Park Hyun Bin, Jang Yoon-jeong & Song DaeKwan
  • Special Change Stage – Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, 4Minute & SNSD
  • Dance Battle Stage – KARA Nicole, 4Minute HyunAh, SNSD Hyoyeon, After School GaHee, Jewelry Ha JooYeon & 2NE1 Gong Minji
  • 8090 Legend Stage – Super Junior, 2PM, SNSD, 2NE1 & T-ara
  • Wonder Girls overseas instant call video message
  • Baek Ji Young & Lee Seung Gi & Kim Tae Woo & Son Dam Bi joint stage
  • 2PM’s parody of ‘You’re Beautiful’ (feat. T-ara & KARA’s Gyuri)

Streaming SBS Live

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[NEWS] MBLAQ, “We Wanted to Call Rain ‘Father’”

1 12 2009

MBLAQ reveals an episode where they wanted to call singer Rain by ‘father’.

MBLAQ said during an interview with Monkey3, “We feel really uneasy with out Rain hyung. His existence is like that of a father. And there was once we call him that and he said ‘How much is our age difference that you are already calling me that?’. Rain hyung don’t like to be called a father. With that we just called him by hyung.”

MBLAQ also revealed, “All of our members listen to f(x)’s ‘Chu’ everyday. Even though the song is good, we don’t have other designs (motives).”



Source: Sookyeong

[VIDEO] Inkigayo Performances (29 Nov)

29 11 2009

2PM Wins!

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong (Remix)

TaeYang – Wedding Dress

2PM – Heartbeat

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[NEWS] MBLAQ Mir Reveals His Real Name

29 11 2009

Finally, the boys of MBLAQ are on Star Golden Bell! That is the one show you get to frequently see rookies on and I was getting impatient waiting for MBLAQ to appear.

On today’s episode, Mir talked about his sister and him. Comedian Kim Tae Hyun said, “MBLAQ’s Mir and Thunder have such cool names. What are their real names though?”
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[NEWS] MBLAQ to Resume Activities on 30th November With Members Lee Joon and Thunder

27 11 2009

MBLAQ Lee Joon is said to have recovered much of his swine flu and leg injury.

According to MBLAQ’s agency on 27th November, “Lee Joon is feeling much better from swine flu. And the flu symptoms are all gone. He can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. He will be returning to promotions.”

And it is announced that the group will be back in promotional activities from 30th November. The other 3 members, other than Lee Joon and Thunder, will start promotions on 29th November first.



Source: Sookyeong

[NEWS] MBLAQ, “Rain Avoided Us For 3 Days”

27 11 2009

Rain was pissed off and didn’t acknowledge his MBLAQ members’ greetings for 3 whole days.

MBLAQ spilled the beans about their mentor and producer on the upcoming episode of the KBS2 TV variety program, “Star Golden Bell.” The MC, Jeon Hyun-moo asked the newcomers, “There seems to be a scary side to Rain, the producer. Was there a time when he was not?” To this question, the boys replied:

“We trained hard- staying up all night for a month. And one day, Rain sonbae came up to us and said, “Kids, you must be hungry. Let’s go eat.”” Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] MBLAQ Thunder Down With Swine Flu

26 11 2009

The amount of celebrities infected with swine flu is getting out of hand. MBLAQ’s Thunder is now the latest victim of swine flu.

J.Tune Entertainment stated to Newsen on the 26th: “Thunder was diagnosed this afternoon with swine flu. He is currently under-going treatment.”

In addition the representative stated: “We are waiting for G.O, Mir and the other members’ examination results as well. Because Lee Joon and Thunder have both been diagnosed with swine flu, we believe it will be difficult to continue on with the groups schedules.”

Source: Allkpop