[NEWS] YG Ladies Group 2NE1 “21st Century New Evolution”

31 03 2009

YG has officially decided not to use “To Anyone,”since that is already being used by the artist 21 (To Anyone).

He said, “I’m so sorry to 21. We did not check in advance if anyone else had the name.” This is not something to complain about, btw. An artist already had that name so it really isn’t fair.

2NE1 will be their official name. “NE” stands for New Evolution, and the “21″ also stands for the 21st century. Therefore, 2NE1 will be the new evolution of the 21st century.

YG also said, “2NE1 will be introduced as a female group with always having new challenges with a new form of music.

A YG rep said, “2NE1 will formally debut in May, and have been preparing for 4 years for good songs and activities this year.”



Credits: Mydaily, JoyNews + heygingersnap@YGLadies

[NEWS] YG·SM·JYP – The Race to Have Own Representative Idol Group to Survive the Competition

29 03 2009

We are now in a generation when once you have one hit-song-producing idol group in your company, you will survive well in the competition in the Kpop market of this era.

Kpop big players YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, DSP Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have been up busy with their plans to stay in the competition, and they all each had their representative female/male idol group.

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[NEWS] Netizens, “Oh No. ‘Female Big Bang’ To Be Called ‘21′, But Isn’t There Already a Singer Named 21?”

29 03 2009


2 days back, it has been decided that ‘female Big Bang‘, a upcoming YG female group, to be called ‘21′.

But netizens are now becoming concerned as there is already a singer with the name ‘21′, who debuted in the year 2005.

21_290309There is a 23-year-old singer by the name of  ‘21(To Anyone)’ who debuted with a ballad album on 22nd May with the single album ‘My Soul’s Weight’. The name came from the theory by the American medical studies that a human’s spirit weighed about 21 grams.

Netizens, “There is a singer with the same name. YG don’t know about it?”

YG’s new group ‘21‘ was named that way to represent the fresh music that group will produce, just like the age of 21. Also it has representation of the number 21 in the game of Black Jack.

With members consisting of Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL and Gong Min Ji, the group will debut beginning of May.



Credits: Sookyeong

[LYRICS] Big Bang & 21: Lollipop (Rom + Eng + Kor)

29 03 2009


Lolli Lolli Lollipop Oh 넌 나의 Lollipop
Lolli Lolli Lollipop Oh Lolli-Pop-Pop
Lolli Lolli Lollipop Boy 넌 나의 Lollipop
Lolli Lolli Lollipop Oh Lolli-Pop-Pop
막대사탕보다 더 달콤한
내 마음은 터질듯한 Dynamite
난 깔끔한 남자 T.O.P.
내사랑 Bling Bling like L E D
그댄 딱 내 스탈야
반짝반짝 스타야
색다른걸 원해?
Let me show you if that’s okay
Now come on
색깔은 Rainbow

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[NEWS] ‘Lollipop’ #1 on Music Sites!

29 03 2009

Lollipop, a song sang by 21 (To Anyone), also previously known as ‘Female Big Bang’, and Big Bang was released on March 27th, and right after its release, it was placed #1 selling song on Cyworld and BugsMusic. Also, on Mnet, Melon, and Dosirak (all the sites where you can purchase mp3s), it was placed as #2, #14 and #14 respectively, and still rising.

YG entertainment said ‘because it is a song made for commercials, and not meant for any performances on stage, it is incredible that it has beat SonDamBi and EpikHigh on its day of release’. YG also added that ‘ever since 21 was revealed, there has been many number of interview requests, but they won’t be on public until their debut’.

The image 21 is going for is to be ‘unique’ and ‘different’ like Big Bang. Although they are girls, they want to be seen tough and be confident, and their music style consists of strong rap and lyrics. The producers for 21 include Teddy of 1Tym and G-Dragon.

The TV commercial for Lollipop will be airing starting from April 1st, and the full music video will be released on April 3rd.

Source: 매일경제 스타투데이 이현우 기자 nobodyin@mk.co.kr
Translations: 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz

[AUDIO] Big Bang and 21: Lollipop (Full Song)

27 03 2009

This song is for CYON’s Lollipop handphone ^^endorsed by Big Bang and 21

[NEWS] Female Big Bang’s Official Name – ‘21′

27 03 2009


The official name YG upcoming group, also known as Female Big Bang to netizens, has been revealed.

YG Entertainment revealed on 27th March, “The 4-member group, known as female Big Bang, will be named 21 (투 애니 원).”

The meaning to the name is that the group will produce music that is fresh like the age of 21. And like the number ‘21′ in a game of blackjack, it meant to never lose.

‘21′will consist of members Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL and Gong Min Ji. And the team leader will be CL.


The group has already made topic amongst netizens when they did a CF for LG CYON with group Big Bang. Their CF was also revealed on 27th March. The group will debut beginning of May.

Furthermore, their debut album will have Big Bang GDragon as one of their producers, making their debut an even more anticipating one for music fans.



Credits: Sookyeong

[VIDEO] Big Bang and 21: LG Cyon Lollipop CF (30s)

27 03 2009

FYI, 21 is the band name of ‘female Big Bang’ ^^