[NEWS] Big Bang Gets Nothing But Praise

6 07 2009

For Big Bang’s latest single ‘Gara Gara Go’ the boys worked with Shaun Evaristo for their choreography. In his most recent blog entry, Shaun has been nothing but full of praise for the boys.

Shaun who has also worked with 2NE1, described the boys as the ‘definition of professional’. Shaun also revealed that Big Bang only had two sessions with him before flying back to Korea. While the choreography that is shown in the MV isn’t exactly the same as the one he gave the boys, Shaun describes ‘how the fellas always put their own flavor into the moves’. Lastly, he complimented the production of the MV by saying ‘The MV has good color, good lighting and good editing. I love the girl choreography too, it adds the robotic feel which kinda makes it futuristic. The MV is full of life which matches their characters’.

For a group to have only two sessions with a choreographer, and to produce a MV of that standard reflects highly on the great talent of the Big Bang boys. ‘Gara Gara Go’ will be officially released on the 8th of July.

Credits: LOLcakes@allkpop


[NEWS] GDragon Expresses His Love For 2NE1

6 07 2009


Big Bang leader G Dragon didn’t hold back any appraisal when it came to talking about 2ne1, revealing his admiration and love.

GDragon lets his great affection for 2NE1 be known, so much that he regularly chooses their accessories by himself (whether its photoshoots or their first broadcast) and even goes to find them on the scene to give them advice.

When talking about his hoobae group 2NE1 from the same company, he says “I’m happy that it seems like a group that can generate excitement has emerged. Every time, and on every stage, its clear that their image keeps on improving.”

Also, on this broadcast, not only is 2NE1’s image of overflowing charisma on stage being shown but these girls’ real new images will be broadcasted, drawing in the excitement of fans. Moreoever, their new song “I Don’t Care’ has been released, continuing their lively activities

Source: IBTimes + KWnews
Translations: GEE @ ygladies

[NEWS] Tohoshinki ‘The King of ORICON Chart’, Beats The Top Crowned Idol Arashi

6 07 2009

According to the report released on July 6th by Japan Oricon Chart, Tohoshinki’s single “Stand by U” which became the 2nd place before finally beating Japan idol Arashi and is crowned as the king of daily chart.

Released on July 1st on the same day as Tohoshinki, with more than 10,000 copies sold, Arashi was ranked first and Tohoshinki followed straight behind at second. However, thanks to the unfolding effect of the Tokyo Dome concert on July 4th and 5th, Tohoshinki got their Daily Chart 1st.

SM Entertainment agency spokeperson said, “Today on Oricon Daily Chart, Tohoshinki is confirmed as No. 1. This is one opportunity to see how popular Tohoshinki in Japan.”

Tohoshinki’s single sales is rising to exceed 30,000 copies.

Source: Newsen
Translations: Sharing Yoochun

[VIDEO] DBSK on Mnet Wide News: Tokyo Dome Tour

6 07 2009

[VIDEO] Tohoshinki on Zoom In Super 6AM: Tokyo Dome + Backstage Interview

6 07 2009

[NEWS] SS501 Kim HyungJoon “Received Confessions from 2 Female Artistes Before”

6 07 2009

SS501’s member Kim HyungJoon revealed that he received confessions from 2 feRecently at the filming of MBC Dramanet ‘God of Cookery Expedition’ of 30-years traditional chicken KalGukSu (hand-made knife cut noodles) and sweet mini cake at Gyeonggi-do Ilsan, he revealed the truth about it.

Before the food was served on that day, they made a casual conversation among themselves and made it to talk about magnae Kim HyungJoon’s love story.

MC Jung JoonHa asked Kim HyungJoon “Have you ever dated a female artiste before?”, Kim HyungJoon replied “No”. In addition, HyunYoung asked “Then, have you ever received (love) confessions from female artistes?” and Kim HyungJoon face turned red and was not able to give an answer.

Jung JoonHa, HyunYoung, Kim ShinYoung got carried away and continued asking. Kim HyungJoon was in a awkward position and tried to demand for the camera to be switched off, but finally Kim HyungJoon revealed that he had ever received confessions from 2 female artistes, and they are entertainers who are active in various fields of entertainment.

Kim ShinYoung left a significant remark by saying “I think I know who is she”, stirring up the topic about idol singer’s love life during the filming.

Idol group SS501 Kim HyungJoon’s talks on love will be broadcast on 3rd July.

Source: lococo@asiae.co.kr
Translations: xiaochu @ Quainte501

[NEWS] SNSD Yuri, The Only One With Long Pants at Inkigayo

6 07 2009

The nine membered girl group SNSD, who came back with military-styled topwear and hot pants, changed.

At Inkigayo on the 5th, SNSD member, Yuri, was the only uniquely dressed member with ankle length white skinny jeans instead of shorts, which emphasized her sexy legs.

Why was Yuri the only one wearing long pants?

Following the performance, SM entertainment representative had a phone conversation with Money Today’s star news reporter and explained to him, “Before we wanted to give SNSD a unified look through a uniformed outfit but today we wanted to individualize each member by matching their personality with their outfits, ” and, “This is the reason why Yuri wore long pants.”

He continued, “It wasn’t only Yuri who wore something different. Sooyoung wore a skirt, Tiffany wore a long blouse, etc. According to each member, there was a slight change.”

If in the beginning the goal was to show charismatic and sexy side of SNSD, now they want to show their personalities as well.

On the other hand, people are getting more curious about what kind of influence SNSD, who is gaining popularity through their new mini album’s title song “Tell Me Your Wish,” will have in music industry this time around.

Source: Soiz
Translations: soshi00@soshified