[INFO] SBS Gayo DaeJun Line Up + Streaming SBS Live

29 12 2009

Date: 29th December 2009
Time: 9:55 PM KST

Line Up

Male Group:

  • SHINee – ‘AMIGO’, ‘Ring Ding Dong’ & ‘JoJo’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2PM – ‘Hate You’ & ‘Again & Again’ + ‘Heartbeat’ (Remix) + acrobatic performance
  • Super Junior – ‘Sorry Sorry’ & ‘It’s You’ (Remix) + performance
  • Beast – ‘Bad Girl’ & ‘Mystery’ (Remix) + performance
  • MBLAQ – ‘Oh Yeah’ & ‘G.O.O.D Luv’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2AM – ‘This Song’ & ‘Friend’s Confession’ (Remix)



  • Son Dambi – ‘Crazy’ & ‘Saturday Night’ (Remix) + After School joint performance
  • Lee Seung Ki – ‘Will You Marry Me’ (feat. Park ShinHye) + ‘Let’s Break Up’
  • JYP– ‘Honey’ + ‘She is Pretty’ +’ No Love No More’ + performance
  • Younha – ‘Password 486′ + ‘1,2,3′
  • Kim Tae Woo – ‘Love Snow’ (feat. Slime)
  • G-Dragon – ‘Heartbreaker’ + ‘Korean Dream’ (feat. TaeYang) + ‘Hello’ (feat. 2NE1 Sandara)
  • TaeYang – ‘Wedding Dress’ & ‘Where U At’ (Remix) + performance
  • Baek Ji Young – ‘Like Being Hit’ (Dance Ver.) + ‘My Ear’s Candy (feat. 2PM’s Taecyeon) (Remix)


Female Group:

  • T-ara – ‘Lies’ & ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
  • After School – ‘Diva’ (Remix) + ‘Because of You’
  • KARA – ‘Honey’ + ‘Wanna’ + ‘Mister’ (Remix) + performance
  • SNSD – ‘Gee’ + ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2NE1 – ‘Fire’ + ‘I Don’t Care’ (Remix) + ‘Let’s Go Party’
  • Brown Eyed Girls – ‘Abracadabra’ + ‘Sign’ (Remix) + performance
  • Davichi – ‘8282′ + ‘I Made An Accident’
  • 4Minute – ‘Hot Issue’ + ‘Muzik ‘(Remix) + performance
  • F(x) – ‘LA chA tA’ + ‘Chu ~ ♡’
  • Jewelry – ‘Variety’ + ‘Love Story’


Special Stage:

  • Lee MoonSae Stage –  SHINee JongHyun, Super Junior Kyuhyun, Kim Tae Woo, Baek Ji Young
  • Lee Seung Chul Stage – SNSD, Davichi, Seo In Young
  • Trot Joint Stage – Park Hyun Bin, Jang Yoon-jeong & Song DaeKwan
  • Special Change Stage – Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, 4Minute & SNSD
  • Dance Battle Stage – KARA Nicole, 4Minute HyunAh, SNSD Hyoyeon, After School GaHee, Jewelry Ha JooYeon & 2NE1 Gong Minji
  • 8090 Legend Stage – Super Junior, 2PM, SNSD, 2NE1 & T-ara
  • Wonder Girls overseas instant call video message
  • Baek Ji Young & Lee Seung Gi & Kim Tae Woo & Son Dam Bi joint stage
  • 2PM’s parody of ‘You’re Beautiful’ (feat. T-ara & KARA’s Gyuri)

Streaming SBS Live

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[INFO] Music Bank’s Top 10 Longest Consecutive 1# Songs

1 12 2009

10th (6 weeks)
2NE1 – Fire
f(x) – La Cha Ta
9th (7 weeks)
4Minute – Muzik
2PM – Again & Again
Super Junior – It’s You

8th (8 weeks)
SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara – Women’s Generation
SeungRi – Strong Baby
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
KARA – Wanna
Davichi – 8282

7th (9 weeks)
2AM – A Friend’s Confession
KARA – Honey
SS501 – Because I’m Stupid
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[VIDEO] Inkigayo Performances (29 Nov)

29 11 2009

2PM Wins!

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong (Remix)

TaeYang – Wedding Dress

2PM – Heartbeat

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[NEWS] Park Bom ‘You And I’ is The Best Online Song for November

29 11 2009


2NE1 member Park Bom’s solo debut song ‘You And I’ is the best hit song online for the month of November.

According to music portal site Dosirak on 29th November, the song is up #1 on the monthly chart for the month of November. In the cold late-Autumn winter, it seems that this song is just the right song for the mood and has received much love from music fans. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Music Core Performances (28 Nov)

28 11 2009

2PM – Heartbeat

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong (without Taemin)

SS501 – Love Like This

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign

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[TRANS] SHINee’s Interview for Japanese Magazine ”EUL”

28 11 2009


Q: Did Yoo Young Jin compose the lead song “Ring Ding Dong”? Were you specially guided?
A: This tune’s genre is called Afro-electro; the intense, catchy sound is impressive. Before recording, Yoo Young Jin and the members share ideas together and we had a lot of meetings. From Yoo Young Jin, he thought us the interval of course, Rhythm, and such techniques, while he teaches us one by one, we prepared the recording.

Q: In this mini album the solo song “The name I loved” was included. Singer Kim Yeon Woo was featured so how was working with him together? The last part of the song where you sang falsetto was wonderful.
A: I was so honored that I worked with Kim Yeon Woo whom I respect, and I was able to learn many things from him. The falsetto part was the composer, Kim Yeon Woo and I think together and it was really fun.
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[VIDEO] SHINee MinHo on ‘Invincible Youth’ Preview

21 11 2009

[PICS] SHINee in Vogue Korea Magazine (December Issue) Full HQ Scans

20 11 2009

Click images to view in HQ!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
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[TRANS] SHINee – ELLE GIRL December Vol. “Who Is The Strongest Idol in 2009 The Year of Idol Battle?”

20 11 2009

[T/N]: She did it in a rush, so some of the critics names might not be precisely exact.

ELLE GIRL December Vol. “Who Is The Strongest Idol in 2009 The Year of Idol Battle?”

1. 2009 Best Idol Group
2. Member with the best vocals.
3. Most stylish member.
4. Member with the best body.
5. Member who looks the most attractive/charismatic
6. Member who is slightly underrated.
7. Member whose solo debut will be most anticipated.
8. Member whose activities in other arenas will be anticipated.
9. My dream group.
10. The group that is most likely to last very long.

Cha Hyunjin (Mass Communication and Culture Critic)

2. SHINee Jonghyun- ★Member with the best vocals★
Jonghyun who used to be a member of a punk rock band before entering SM, possesses a unique and beautiful voice and smooth usage of different techniques, making it irresistable to be not biased to Jonghyun’s vocal.


3. SHINee Taemin- ★Most stylish member★
If in the idol world, 2PM is the epitome of the ‘male body’, then SHINee is the group that shows the ‘shedding of traces of growing up’. In this way. Taemin as a teenager, presents his charms soundlessly to everyone. His own style can also be said to be a innate expression of excellence.

5. SHINee Minho- ★Member who looks the most attractive/charismatic★
The criteria for a pretty boy may be always changing, but ‘looks’ are still affirmed with no relation to time or era. That’s the case for Jang Dong Gun, Jung Hyun Sung and Jo In Sung. There will be no objections to including Minho amongst them.
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[INFO] Kpop FanClub Membership Numbers

20 11 2009

TVXQ’s official fanclub, Cassiopeia, has decreased in numbers:

DBSK: 797 821
Big Bang: 378 859
BoA: 342 848
Lee Hyori: 327 160
SNSD: 285 790
SS501: 278 598
Super Junior: 260 156
2PM: 222 090
Shinhwa: 193 974
Rain: 188 387
Se7en: 162 375
Lee Jun Ki: 136 066
Wonder Girls: 112 823
FT Island: 112 213
SHINee: 107 330

Credits: tieba@sweetfig
Translations: adie@sweetfig

[NEWS] SHINee Onew to Return With Appearance on MBC Music Core

19 11 2009

SHINee Onew has known to have recovered fully from swine flu.

Onew has received his swine flu test results and he has been clear of swine flu. He was known to have contracted swine flu previously on 7th November. And coming 21st November, he will resume activities with performance on MBC Music Core.

It was known that he has taken the test for swine flu previously on the 13th but it was found that he was still down with the flu.



Source: Sookyeong

[PICS] SNSD SeoHyun & SHINee For Vogue Girl Korea

18 11 2009

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[VIDEO] Inkigayo Perfomances (15 Nov)

15 11 2009

TaeYang – Wedding Dress

TaeYang – Where  U At

2PM – Intro

2PM – Heartbeat

Park Bom – You & I

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[INFO] Inkigayo Performance List For 15 Nov

15 11 2009

Learn how to watch SBS Inkigayo live at 4PM KST here!


# Comeback Stage #
* 2PM
* Taeyang
* IU

# Power Rookie #

# TAKE 7
* Park Bom
* SHINee
* Brown Eyed Girls
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[NEWS] SHINee Minho vs. SS501 HyunJoong, ‘Go Dream Team’ Blazing Competitive Spirit

15 11 2009

Idol group SS501 Kim HyunJoong and SHINEE MinHo (Choi MinHo) had a showdown with each other.

To be broadcasted on 15-Nov, KBS variety program ‘Go Dream Team’ recorded this episode in the newly reclaimed land SaeManGeum tide embankment. The attendance of SS501 Kim HyunJoong and SHINEE MinHo has gathered a lot of attention.
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[NEWS] Boybands Taking Over Kpop Stage in 2nd Half 2009

15 11 2009

The Kpop scene has taken a change, from the ‘war’ of the girlgroups which went on for the first half of the year, now is the time of the boy groups.

Just looking at the performance list for KBS Music Bank on 13th November, we have 2PM comeback stage, and also performances by FT Triple, BEAST, SHINee, UKiss, SHU-I etc. And there is also SS501 and MBLAQ who did not perform on the show that day. Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] SHINee vs 2PM “’Meat Eaters’ And ‘Vegetarians’ Finally Compete”

14 11 2009

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Meat eaters and vegetarians finally compete.

Rival 2PM and SHINee will be performing on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ stage together. They were competing together with different styles since debut, now they are back to competing against each other once again.

2PM with their new title song ‘HeartBeat’ and SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’ which was hit first place for twice in a row.
‘HeartBeat’ written by JYP Producer Park Jin Young, is placed first on some music charts and is getting lots of attention.
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[VIDEO] Music Core Performances (14 Nov)

14 11 2009

2PM – Intro

2PM – Heartbeat

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign

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[VIDEO] Music Bank Performances (13 Nov)

13 11 2009

SS501 Wins #1

2PM – Preparation + BTS

2PM – Intro

2PM – Heartbeat
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[VIDEO] SHINee’s Birthday Message to Spongebob

13 11 2009