[VIDEO] JoKwon & GaIn Cut on We Got Married Episode 4 (Eng Sub)

15 11 2009

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[NEWS] Ga-In Visits JoKwon’s Dorm

1 11 2009

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In visited 2AM’s dorm to see her husband Jo Kwon on the popular show We Got Married.

Though Jo Kwon is still recovering from the swine flu and couldn’t film a new episode of We Got Married, filming for this weeks episode took place before he got sick.

Jo Kwon’s room was what one would expect from a diva with a bedroom sheet of flower patterns, a piano keyboard, and general cleanliness. Ga-In stated that this room doesn’t really look like a guys room and Jo-Kwon responded by asking her to test the bed springs by jumping up and down with their rear ends on the bed. As Ga-In looked around Jo Kwon said, “It felt like she was someone who’s been to my room a lot before.”
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[NEWS] UEE Tears After Receiving Special Event by ‘Husband’ Park JaeJung

1 11 2009

After School UEE tears after being touched by an event prepared by her ‘husband’ Park JaeJung on MBC We Got Married aired on 31st October.

In this episode, the 2 went on a campus date, making a visit to Park JaeJung’s college. They played basketball together and went to visit the club which Park JaeJung used to belong to when he was a college student.

UEE who has not spent much time in school said, “I am really envious of Park JaeJung who works hard at the things he want to do.”

And then Park JaeJung did an event which brought tears to UEE’s eyes.

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[NEWS] Brown Eyed Girls GaIn Visits ‘Husband’ JoKwon’s Dorm For The First Time

31 10 2009

Brown Eyed Girls GaIn visits her ‘husband’ Jo Kwon’s dormitory for the first time.

For We Got Married aired on 31st October, GaIn visits Jo Kwon’s dormitory for the first time, she also met with the other 2AM members and also did cooking for them.

Early in the morning, Jo Kwon was seen at the door of the dormitory with holding a flash which writes, “Noona is my endorphin” which had GaIn smiling.

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[NEWS] JoKwon – GaIn Fixed Appearance on ‘We Got Married’, 2AM’s Response ‘Worry VS. Envy’

21 10 2009

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2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls Ga In’s fixed appearance in ‘We Got Married’ (WGM) has been confirmed and there are mixed responses among the 2AM members.

Ga In (22) and Jo Kwon (20) have been chosen as a married couple for the Chuseok special of MBC ‘We Got Married’. The Ga In – Jo Kwon couple is supposed to represent young couples where the wife is older than the husband. The episode that aired had reached number 1 in ratings at the time. The two had finished the 2nd filming on the 14th after the confirmation of their fixed appearance on the 7th. Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] Ga-In and JoKwon Become Regulars for ‘We Got Married’

17 10 2009

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Remember Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In and 2AM’s Jo Kwon getting “married” on the Chuseok special of We Got Married? At that point, it ended with them going into their unique container home. But their appearance then was supposed to be a one day trial run for Chuseok only.

But thanks to the widespread interest from viewers hoping to see Ga-In and Jo Kwon again on We Got Married, they will now become the third couple on the show joining Hwang Jung Eum – Kim Yong Joon and UEE – Park Jae Jung. No such luck for the other Chuseok couple, Kim Na Young and Lee Suk Hoon who was not mentioned.
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[VIDEO] We Got Married ChuSeok Special: BEG GaIn & 2AM JoKwon Cuts

3 10 2009