About ♥ KPOP JJANG 짱

♥ Yours truly -> ‘Minsarang’
♥ is contactable at kpopjjang[@]hotmail[.]com (remove brackets)
♥ I am a HUGE FAN of DBSK, so be prepared for DBSK centric posts 😀
DBSK, Super Junior, Jang Ri In, Big Bang, CSJH, SHINee, SS501, Wonder Girls, BoA, FT Island, Se7en and Girls’ Generation
♥ Korean dramas
♥ Graphic design: photoshopping wallies, sigs and avatars
♥ Music, fashion, shopping, magazines
♥ KPOP JJANG 짱’s posts will be tagged with any of the following:
  • [MOD POST]
    (A post by yours truly, just to say “Hi” or reinforcing rules :D)
  • [PICS]
  • [AUDIO]
    embedded audio eg. YT, imeem
  • [VIDEO]
    embedded video eg. YT. Includes, variety shows, MVs, fan cams etc
  • [AUD-DL]
    downloadable links for audio media
  • [VID-DL]
    downloadable links for video media
  • [NEWS]
    Translated articles on Kpop
    Updates on DBSK’s schedule
  • [TRANS]
    Translations for small events eg. BigEast Station or UFO replies
  • [INFO]
    General information on small events
  • [SCANS]
    Magazine or CD jacket scans
  • [LYRICS]
    Usually with Hangul/ Korean, Kanji/ Japanese lyrics, English translations and romanizations
  • [ADVERT]
    Yes, KPOP JJANG excepts sponsored advertorials, please contact kpopjjang@hotmail.com for more info
  • [KSTYLE]
    We’re bringing you kpop news and more! Kstyle is here to help you dress like your favorite celebrities!

78 responses

26 09 2008

hello..umm can u send me the mirotic-full album song…the megaupload for some reason either isn’t working for me or i’m jus too dumb to use it..^^;; btw i frequent u’r page a lot….really love it..n thnx for keeping lots of updates

7 10 2008

u r so cool~
very happy that can get many kpop info here~
i link it to my blog~

30 10 2008

minsarang.wordpress.com is my favorite website nowadays.
i used to open this website everyday.
this website gives up to date information, especially about DBSK.
you are really really cool.

27 12 2008

I took one of your wallpapers. The pictures are so cute! thanks.

8 01 2009

actually as I’ve taken soooo many things about DBSK, I’d like to give sthing to share too.. can you tell me how..?
thanks! ^^

8 01 2009

KPOP JJANG: demayunho You can email it to KPOP JJANG at “kpopjjang[@]hotmail[.]com” (remove the brackets) ^^ Thanks for your support!

16 01 2009

hai can you post link DBSK 25th single japan bolero all album cd + dvd

20 01 2009

hi minsarang^^ just wondering, where are you from?

21 02 2009

hi, ur blog was so cool…do u mind me to link ur blog to mine??

15 03 2009

Hello! This is soo cool! You’re soo organised.
Thank you so much for your hard work into bringing kpop fans endless hours of awesome-ness. I love TVXQ too!
Thanks again.

26 03 2009

Hello! I just drop by to check DBSK’s sched
and wanna say thanks to you. Cool! ^^

28 03 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

4 04 2009

napa qoq cm lgna dbsk aza sich napa gak lg na bb aza yang stsyliSh hehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh……….

4 04 2009

hi, good job! keeping this ur websites!!! ^_^

4 04 2009

I just wanna say…THANKS SOOOO MUCH!! 🙂
You have, in my opinion, one of the best sites I’ve seen!!
You always make my day!! 🙂
Keep up the great work!! BEST WISHES and LOTS OF LUCK FOR YEARS AHEAD!! 🙂
By the way, would you be able to have the “Boys Before Flowers” complete series with English Subs for download compatible for I-Touch? Thanks!! 🙂

23 04 2009
25 04 2009

can yu upload the SuJu supershow pls,, i have da 1st part not the other>< how mny parts are ther,, can yu plz upload???
plz i just found about it yesterday…. pls

4 05 2009

hi! i love to watch korean dramas and now im watching cinderella man but some of the uploaded episode dont have a english subbed. can you please upload the korean drama cinderella man with english subbed…thank you very much…

25 05 2009
nurul fajrina

thanks for being the most up-to-date blog i’ve ever known….

never miss shinee for me,,,,


28 05 2009

hi,im leia.really appreciate for your effort for providing this valuable information.i will support forever=)

28 05 2009

dont give up in this field.ur the best!and this site is my favourite site whenever im online.i hope it will last forever and i’ll tell others how good this site is. thannnnnnkkkkks so much=)

11 06 2009

hey i’khouloud from alg i’like watch korea tv because it’s so cool and i love tvxq.shinee they ‘re soo nice and cute thank u

11 06 2009

boleh aku minta nggak,,,,,,,??????????????? siapa tau kita bisa jadi teman dekat . aku janji nggak bakal aku kasih ama siapa-siapa.

11 06 2009

ini adlh fb leminhooo ooooooooooooo

11 06 2009

leminhoo foto loe imuetzzzzzzzzz banget zzzzzzzzzzzz sich,,,,,,,,,,,,bay the way kamu pux fto yg plng imoetzzzzzzzzzzzz nggak.bleh aku minta ????????????????????????????????

11 06 2009

hihi! i am from S’pore. can i add you in my hotmail account to know more about korean dramas…..etc…..i know i am lame, but please forgive me…..lolsT.T

26 06 2009
Miao Yan

hihi!! i love ur blog alot.. cus u post lots of korean news everyday…
I’m from Singapore and i like SS501 alot…
i’ve add u in msn rdy… cn i chat with u on msn to noe more about korean news and updates…
and cn i noe…
Which country are u from??
Korea right??

27 06 2009

thanks alot,im intending to take alot.

28 06 2009

♥ 안녕하세요~
can someone tell me about DBSK – ‘all about season 3’?

2 07 2009

I just wanted to tell you that i really appreciate that you take the time to compile all these fabulous kpop news and i am very impressed with your dedication. thank you so much for doing this! i visit this site everyday. the amount of articles you find is quite a lot and its like my daily dose of medicine. (^w^) also, i like how most of your videos posted are in such high quality although it is a pity that many shows do not have subtitles and so i dont understand what they are saying. but thank you! really, i am glad i found this site and i wanted to tell you that it is very appreciated!

4 07 2009

hi! thanks for uploading so many news and stuffs, love it <3333. Fighting!!!

7 07 2009

hi ! i really like ur blog, like my daily food. hahaha
by the way, can u post the lyric of k.will (teardrops)? i really like that song, but so hard to find the lyric. i hope u can post it here. thank you so much 🙂

10 07 2009
Sowon Thai

i add ur email
i want to know about snsd
i’m biggest snsd fan


11 07 2009

I am A MASSIVE dbsk fan too ^^
can yu give me a full list of dbsk shows and dramas
<3~ saranghe

29 07 2009

annyong its me here…would you post lyric cos i stupid ost Kkotbuda namcha…annyong

30 07 2009
Kawai Kid

annyonghaseyo!!!!!!!! I like korean song so much. thanks for your info… ya!

30 07 2009
Kan Shai


30 07 2009
Kan Shai

min kaw lak shain paman

1 08 2009

SNSD dances to Mirotic too!!!

4 08 2009
marjorie :)



continue updating about kpop especially about TVXQ!


6 08 2009

um can u still post up 2pm’s wild bunny weekly? and also 2ne1/bigbang tv? thank you!

8 08 2009
marjorie :)

hi minsarang!

ahm, I just want to ask if do you know how to join cassiopeia?

because i can’t join ..

I don’t know why and how..

.. I hope that you had a reply on my question..

.. continue updating about kpop!..

.. kamsahamnida!..


14 08 2009


i love ur blow it is supakuhl
thanks for doin it ^_^
dont u have twitter? would really love to get the news there haha
take care~

14 08 2009

thank you for answering my comment!!! thank youuu(:
i loveeee this site!

16 08 2009

hi, do you exchange blogrolls?
if so, would you like to exchange blog links with me?
I’m @ kpoprants.wordpress.com

thx and I love your blog ^^

20 08 2009

This is such an informative website!!! Thanks to all the hard work thats been put into creating and also updating this site!

Keep up the good work ^__^

24 08 2009

i really want tvxq iple link…
someone give me please~~

26 08 2009

son realmente muy buenos espero que hagan mas musica, son lindos y divertidos, un beso, chauuuuuuu

26 08 2009


thx for the infos…
thx for the daily news…
thx for pics and videos…
thx for everything^^

[Big Bang/♥/2ne1]

29 08 2009

Minsarang, thank you for great website! Like you translations of Tohoshinki!

31 08 2009

bay the why i as the fan of dbsk, super junior n shinee want to ask when u all want do a tour to malaysia???????????????????????????????????

1 09 2009

hello minsarang..i love this wedsite..uhmmp….i used to watch kpop zone on arirang….i love it

18 09 2009

thank you so much! this site has become like my 2nd instinct. i come here automatically and check up on dbsk everday xDD
thanks again :3

20 09 2009

thanks for the news about DBSK!!

this is the best blogsite of DBSK! ^^
i will visit this everyday.

thank you!


21 09 2009

thank u so much

your site is amazing …

thank you again & keep the good work

17 10 2009
ritchel ann

please c0ntinue support the dbsk….

c0z i luv them so much…

thanks again..and goodluck!!

20 10 2009

hey minsarang!

im trying to email you but it’s always a delivery failure! do you mind shooting me a quick email at vwjh03@hotmail.com so i can reply???


22 10 2009

Okay so a really super good friend of mine sent me a TP to this store. ,

23 10 2009

You see, we have to analyze who we should be talking to in our advertising. ,

24 10 2009

Omg, thanks for the website because i come from Canada so.. its hard to know whats going on. I wanna go to china.. 😦

13 11 2009

thnx for this video

28 11 2009

Hi there, Minsarang!

I tried to email you just now and I’m not sure why it bounced back. I was wondering if you’d be interested in helping me promote my 2PM project:

In exchange, I’ll list your site in my thank you’s and also add you to my Blogroll. Please let me know (wackycashew@gmail.com or you can comment at my WP). Thanks!! =D

❤ Lisa

30 11 2009

hai……………….hello kpop fanz……………!!!!!!!

9 12 2009
apple shayne weber

aneonghaseo!! to all K-pop fans can you email me the biographies of korean boy groups heres my account littleprincess_yuna13@ymail.com please im desperate!!! hehe im from philippines girl 15yearsold…. please (Shinee,bigbang,superjunior,MBLAQ,2pm,supernova,SHU-I,U-KISS,F.T.island, and others)… thanks in advance….. nanoreul sarrangheo!!!!!

17 12 2009

hello 😀 i´m a real Kpop fan & ur site is my only way to get kpop news !… i Really wish.. december will be over .. cause i´m going crazy one whole month .. no kpop news… i think bout it now… how could i live without ur site?!… thanks for the hard work hope u will keep it up!

19 12 2009
jae hoon

plz, can u come to myanmar?
i want to see u outside reaiiy

19 12 2009
ryeo su

can u come to myanmar?
if u come, plz jun su will come

24 12 2009
xx ily xx

this is one of the best
website eva

24 12 2009
BB + 2ne1 ;D

do u hav the sone
‘broke up today’ ~ younha
i cant find it anywhere
ty ♥

31 12 2009

hello, i change my site http://www.live-football.cn to http://www.livefootballtvs.com , please update the my urls in your website on the following pages:

1) https://minsarang.wordpress.com/how-to-watch-korean-tv-live/
2) https://minsarang.wordpress.com/2008/12/28/info-watching-sbs-gayo-daejun-2008/

thank you and happy new year!

2 01 2010

I’ve tried to email you and I can’t send any emails does the email address still work? Do you have another one I could use at all?

Also does anyone know any good websites where I can download music please? I’m having a hard time getting G-Dragons Heartbreaker album and many others 😦

If you do please email me at erridunno@live.co.uk
If you do please just let me know your from here

Thanks for reading 🙂
Deena 😀

3 01 2010

love your site 😀 keep it up!!!

4 01 2010

Hi, I’m one of your reader from your blog.. I’m sorry for disturbing you..
I just need one help from you..
If you can’t make it’s okay..
If there’s any new album release could you inform me?
I couldn’t send out the email..so I decide to comment over here.

Thanks a lot.. Appreciate it. 🙂

6 01 2010

please continue this site!

12 01 2010


13 01 2010

tae yang is so cool……but he’s so short

19 02 2010

i love bigbang aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa=))))))

1 03 2010
juliana anak johnly

i love super junior and DBSK’s group!!!

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