[MOD-POST] Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

25 01 2009

In Korea, it’s the Lunar New Year ^^ or the Chinese Lunar New Year in Asian countries 😀

In celebration, here’s a gift from us to you; forum signatures/banners made by yours truly.
They are made under Soompi’s signature rules so you can use them in Soompi 🙂

Both are in 300 x 150 resolution



Also, because it’s the Lunar New Year, I may not be around for the next two days to update KPOP JJANG 짱! (I’ll try to update as and when I can) I’ll be back on the 28th January so see you guys then ^^

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!!

In Support of DBSK’s Comeback…

6 09 2008

I made a siggy according to Soompi’s sig rules 😀
Feel free to take and use but please do not hotlink!


Credits: minsarang@wp