[VIDEO] Super Junior – Making of Nongshim’s Cracker ~ ‘Let’s Eat Stars’ Mini Film Photoshoot Package

4 08 2009

[TRANS] Sukira KTR Interesting Discussions (17 July to 23 July)

4 08 2009

Eunhyuk–petty or generous?
Eunhyuk: Actually, I’m a generous person. Let me tell you how generous I am.
Leeteuk: How are you generous?
Eunhyuk: Just listen to me. Before, my girlfriend and her friend were singing at a KTV, and wanted me to come. I came when they were almost done. I sat there for 10 minutes and then went out first to pay the bill.
Leeteuk: How is this generous? Why’re you so petty to the members?
Eunhyuk: We haven’t gone to KTV’s…
Leeteuk: But don’t you have to pay first at KTV’s?
Eunhyuk: No, no….ah, is it pay-first?
Leeteuk: It’s pay-first. Why’re you lying?
Eunhyuk: The place I went is pay-later. Pay-later.
Leeteuk: No way. Before you sing, you have to decide how many hours you’re singing, and then pay.
Eunhyuk: No! The place I went really is pay-later T_T
Leeteuk: Why are you lying.
Eunhyuk: I’m really not lying!

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[NEWS] SNSD’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ Ranked Best Encouragement Song For Examinees

4 08 2009

So Nyuh Shi Dae’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ was nominated as the best encouragement song among Korean students.

Approximately 100 days prior to writing the 2010 Scholastic Aptitude Test (KSAT), students awarded ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ as the best encouragement song.

Korean music website ‘Monkey3’ conducted a survey regarding students and asked, “What is the best encouragement song for Korean students?” Out of the 440 surveyed, 147 (33%) voted So Nyuh Shi Dae’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ as the top song.
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[VIDEO] FT Island’s ‘I Hope’ and ‘BingBingBing’ on HyunYoung’s Music Party Radio Show

4 08 2009

I Hope

Bing Bing Bing

[VIDEO] IU Singing ‘Officially Missing You’ and ‘Kiss Me’ on Pops in Seoul Radio

4 08 2009

Officially Missing You

Kiss Me

[NEWS] Girls’ Generation Captivates Hearts of Russian Youths

4 08 2009
The popularity of Girls’ Generation has skyrocketed among Russian young people. A growing number of young Russians has become interested in Korean pop culture these days. More than 100 fan cafes dedicated to Korean pop culture have opened on the Russian networking site “V Kontakte” as of July 31. Their membership rosters range from as little as hundreds to as many as thousands of members, as more and more Russians are becoming the fans of Lee Hyo-ri, Rain, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, 2PM, 2AM and SHINee.

[VIDEO] TOP: Like Nothing Happened (Solo from Big Show DVD; Extras Version)

4 08 2009

Watch Gdragon’s solo here

Watch TaeYang’s solo here

Watch Seungri’s solo here