[NEWS] BEAST to Perform Big Bang’s ‘Lies’ at MAMA

21 11 2009

Although rookie group BEAST has been closely associated with their sunbae 2PM in the past for their self-declared beastly image and their performance of Again and Again, the six-member group is attempting to mimic a different male idol group for the 2009 MAMA.

Despite the sharp distinction between BEAST and Big Bang, the boys have agreed to deliver a special performance of the latter’s hit song Lies on Mnet’s award show. Netizens are especially curious to see how Jang Hyun Seung will fare as he almost debuted with Big Bang, but was eliminated at the last minute.

BEAST’s agency stated, “All the members have always enjoyed Big Bang’s music so they came to an agreement on performing Lies. They are afraid of ruining Big Bang’s stellar live performances so they have been staying up rehearsing all night.”

A representative added, “On the night of MAMA, we heard Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang will be performing on stage as well. (Jang) Hyun Seung said, ‘After we perform to Big Bang’s song, I want to receive an evaluation from the hyungs.'”

Source: allkpop




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