[NEWS] Pledis Apologizes for MBC Radio Accusations

30 11 2009

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After playing After School’s new track “Because of You” prematurely on Taeyeon’s “Chin Chin Radio,” MBC radio demanded an apology from Pledis for a vicious attack on their station.

Radio stations usually get the tracks before the actual release so that they can review lyrics and make sure everything is in the clear before airing the track after the release, but obviously someone didn’t get the memo.

On the 24th, Pledis released a formal complaint saying, “MBC FM4U prematurely aired After School’s new single “Because of You” on Taeyeon’s “Chinhan Chingu (Best Friend) Radio.”

Pledis also claimed that because of the leak, the track quickly spread all over the web and caused heavy losses.

However, MBC demanded an apology for the attack.

On the 23rd MBC released a statement saying, “Because the formal process was followed, there should have been no problem with airing the track. Pledis has been unfair in their defamation of our radio.”

Pledis responded on the 30th by saying that the examination schedule had not been followed on their part and that they are very sorry for questioning the integrity of MBC.

Aww, what a nice kiss and make up story. Hopefully all is well and there won’t be any hard feelings between Pledis and MBC.

Source: allkpop




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