[VIDEO] Tohoshinki on Miyaneya (Translations Added!)

26 11 2009

Japanese Sub: Best Hit Kayosai 2009.
Tonight at 7 PM. Live! From Kobe world memorial hall.

Miyaneya: Well, we will see how it is at the Kobe world. Wents and Miki~~
Wents: Yes
Miyaneya: Sorry I could not be there.
Wents: Really, you should vow me on the floor (for not coming). ( A Joke)
Miki: LOL: Yes, please come~

No translation here….. MC’s teasing each other.

00:43: MC Miki: While preparations are being done one after another, TVXQ came here for us.
TVXQ: Hello, we are TVXQ.
YC: Hello~
Miyane: Long time no see.
YH: Yes, I remember you.
Miiyane: Are you in Japan for the first time from this summer?
YH: Well we are actually this year…well actually, this stage is where we had our first tour in Japan.
Everyone: Oh~~~~.
Wents: So, it is a memorable place.
Miynane: Oh that kind of place it is for you.
(T/N: Meaning, TVXQ’s first tour was held at this hall. So, it is a memorable place for TVXQ.)
Wents: We asked TVXQ to come out during the hectic and busy rehearsal time,
so please ask more questions to them.
All: LOL.
Miyane: Today. What kind of stage does TVXQ plan to deliver ans show us?
Wents: What kind of stage, today?
YH: Well, first of all, we will do our best!
All: LOL
Miyane: Oh, humble answser.
Wents: And you know what, Mr. Miyane?
Miyane: Yes.
Wents: This stage where we are standing right now.
It is surrounded by the audiences seat for 360 degree.
Miki: Yes, it is really big…..
Miki: TVXQ and others all together there will be 20 wonderful artist had gathered at Kobe.

No translation….Info about other artists here….

Miyane: Then at the end, Yunho what do you think of the 360 degree stage there?
YH: It is wonderful. The lighting is beautiful too. I would like to stand on the stage and perform right away.
Miyane: I got it.

MC and Miyane saying good bye here…..

Source: Miyaneya TV+33okilove33
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ




3 responses

26 11 2009

is it just me…or they’re seems to be awkward with each other. like, they always greet the host together. but here…ehm..well…hope it was just me though..

27 11 2009

yeah they do look awkward with each other

28 11 2009

Nice posts, looking forward to more of this.

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