[NEWS] Jang Ri In for Comeback in October!

13 10 2009

Chinese R&B singer Zhang Liyin will be releasing her 2nd single at the end of October and will officially start a new round of promotional activities.

On the 15th, through SM’s official site, SOHU and various Chinese media outlets, Zhang Liyin’s all new teaser will be released.

Zhang Liyin debuted in Korea and was well received because of her excellent R&B singing skills. Through her 1st album “I Will” released in march of last year, she officially began activities in China. In 2008, she received the 6th Annual Southeast Music Ranking “Best Mainland Newcomer award”, 2008 Starlight Grand Ceremony “Most Fashionable Female Artist of the Year award” and etc. With her excellent singing skills and performances, she presented high quality music and was well received.

Zhang Liyin commented “With all new music, I’m happy to see everyone again. I have been preparing a lot because I wanted to show everyone a more mature image. Everyone please look forward to my comeback, also please be concern and supportive of liyin’s new album.”

Zhang Liyin’s all new 2nd single will be officially released around the end of October.

Source: SOHU news
Translations: YoYo@Chocolyn




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