[NEWS] TaeYeon and SunYe Voices Comparable

25 03 2009

The April issue of men’s fashion magazine “Arena” judged the talents of the main vocals of idol groups. Group DSBK’s Xiah JunSu received the highest praise, SNSD’s TaeYeon and Wonder GirlsSunYe were given similar marks. SS501’s YoungSeng and Big Bang’s DaeSung, Super Junior’s RyeoWook received the lowest marks.

The judging was done by singer Kim YunWoo, pop music critic Cha WooJin, and M.Net’s Park ChanWook PD. The three said of Xiah JunSu’s voice, “The reason why his vocal does not exceptionally stand out is because of DBSK’s songs,” and “He is a commendable vocalist who we feel sorry to label as an idol singer.” Kim YunWoo said, “He gives a nice feel of having talent as well as having received much training.”

Although not as skilled in comparison with Xiah JunSu, SHINee’s JongHyun received positive feedback. They stated, “He is a singer whose next step we are anticipating more than his current stand,” and “JongHyun’s vocal is one of the reasons why SHINee succeeded.”

TaeYeon and SunYe, who are receiving much interest and attention as members of rival groups Soh Nyuh Shi Dae and Wonder Girls, received positive criticism. They said of TaeYeon, “She knows how to cover up her weaknesses well,” and “She has a plain tone but has an ability to make it noticeable. You can say she is fox-like vocal.” Of SunYe they said, “She has the most mature voice out of the Wonder Girls and she utilizes good breathing technique and intuitively matches the her singing to each song.”

Xiah JunSu’s, JongHyun’s, and TaeYeon’s high marks are largely due to SM Entertainment’s strict vocal training. With H.O.T., SM created symbolic first-generation idol groups with the focus on their outward appearances, but strove hard to find idol singers with skills.
The strong opinion on BoA and Xiah JunSu is that they, at the very least, have surpassed the level of idol singers who rely on the power catchy songs. Thanks to composing and lyric-writing, idols brushing past fundamental creational training to turn into soloists is one of SM’s methods.

On the other hand, they said of SS501’s YoungSeng, “It appears that he has talent, but he is incomplete in effort. The degree to which he is lacking is severe.” In comparison with Xiah JunSu, who is a member of what could be seen as rival group DBSK, he is of average level. They also said of Super Junior’s RyeoWook, “He only sings the high parts within Super Junior, he is unable to show personal color,” and of Big Bang’s DaeSung, “He tends to overconfidently sing high-pitched parts but he needs to grow the power to control such sounds,” and gave low marks.

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[INFO] EBN News: the Top 5 Most Wanted Men

24 03 2009

01. 이승기 Lee Seung Gi – 34% (343 people)
02. 정지훈 (비) Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) – 30% (296 people)
03. 빅뱅 대성 Dae Sung of Big Bang – 23% (234 people)
04. 동방신기 유노윤호 U-Know YunHo of TVXQ – 7% (72 people)
05. 슈퍼주니어 강인 Kang In of Super Junior – 5% (52 people)



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[VIDEO] Super Junior Marie Claire Photoshoot (Eng Subbed)

24 03 2009

[VIDEO] Super Junior Making of Sorry Sorry MV (Eng Subbed)

24 03 2009

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22 03 2009

[NEWS] SM Entertainment in Deficit for the Past Two Years

22 03 2009


In the morning of March 13th, South Korean media reported that the past two-year deficits for Korea’s SM Entertainment company reached around to 1.62 billion won for the year 2008.

According to reports, SM’s profits from TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation net grossed 43.4 billion won. Despite this, there is still a deficit of 1.6 billion for the year.

However, profits for SM in 2008 has grown 30% compared to 2007, but because of BoA’s entry into the American market, and because most of SM artists are groups, each event required much more travel/transportation fees and personal management fees than usual. Therefore, despite there was a higher revenue in 2008, SM still reported a deficit year-end.

SM has full confidence in pulling out of deficit at the end of 2009. With BoA’s first album in the American market, and the Korean activities for Super Juniors and Girls’ Generation, SM’s financial situation must improve.


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[VIDEO] We Got Married Episode 48 (Eng Subbed)

20 03 2009

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