[NEWS] What Does f(x) Think of Intimate Group KARA, “Competition? Helping Friend”

20 11 2009

f(x) is proud of their friendship with the girl groups they are intimate with.

On the 16th through an interview with Newsen, f(x) (Victoria, Luna, Amber, Krystal, Sulli) revealed that rather than being competitive with other girl groups, they are intimate. Since f(x), KARA, and 4Minute were active at the same time, the images of them being close has become a hot topic for fans.

f(x) said, “As friends, we really like hanging out with all the other members” and “We have never thought of competing with other girl groups. Rather than thinking of them as rivals, we think of them as friends”.
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[NEWS] F(X) Sulli “My Ideal Guy is Ahn Sungki”

20 11 2009

The new girl group f(x)’s Sulli picked actor Ahn Sungki as her ideal type of guy.

In the recent interveiw with Asia Economy Newspaper, 16 year old Sulli announced “Out of all the male actors, my favorite is Ahn Sungki sunbae.”

The rest of the 5 members picked different actors as their ideal guy. Victoria is Song Seunghun’s forever fan and Amber likes Jang Hyuk. “After watching the drama ‘Thankyou’ I started to like Jang Hyuk’ said Amber.
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[NEWS] F(X) Krystal, “I’m Easygoing, My Sister Jessica is Feminine”

20 11 2009

f(x)’s member Krystal (Korean name Jung Soojung) showed affection towards her sister Jessica (Korean name Jung Sooyeon).

Krystal stated in her recent interview with Newsen that she was able to see her sister Jessica during the month of September when f(x) debuted due to Jessica’s more relaxed schedule. They often encouraged each other when they met at home or at the practice room. Krystal then said, “But now my sister is busy with musical rehearsals, so we don’t get to see each other as much.”
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[PICS] F(X) for Elle Girl Korea

18 11 2009

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[TRANS] F(X)’s Interview with BUGS

15 11 2009

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[VIDEO] Inkigayo Perfomances (15 Nov)

15 11 2009

TaeYang – Wedding Dress

TaeYang – Where  U At

2PM – Intro

2PM – Heartbeat

Park Bom – You & I

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[INFO] Inkigayo Performance List For 15 Nov

15 11 2009

Learn how to watch SBS Inkigayo live at 4PM KST here!


# Comeback Stage #
* 2PM
* Taeyang
* IU

# Power Rookie #

# TAKE 7
* Park Bom
* SHINee
* Brown Eyed Girls
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