[VIDEO] Tohoshinki + Big Bang at 2009 Best Hits Kayousai

26 11 2009

Stand By U

Gara Gara Go

[TRANS] Big Bang’s Interview in ViVi Magazine

25 11 2009

They debuted in 2006. The next year “Lie”, written and composed by leader G-Dragon was 1st on the charts for 8 weeks, and they swept all the major Korean music awards. They stood at the top of the Korean music industry in 2007, and just one year after their debut they started their overseas activities. In June this year, they finally released their Japanese major debut single “My Heaven”, which reached third on the Oricon charts at once. A record! They’re very different from other idol groups at the moment. Their influential songs and cool visuals. Right now they are the singing and dancing, talent-based idol group representing asia. They still hide lots of secrets even after their major debut, so ViVi interviewed them to show the true Big Bang!

-First, please introduce to us the song <Let Me Hear Your Voice>
YB: The 2 other songs we’ve released in Japan so far have been enjoyable club music but this time it was for a drama so to fit that image, and since it’s Autumn the song is a lyrical ballad.

-The lyrics about thinking of your girlfriend is really sad. But the BigBang-ish tempo gave it quite an optimistic feeling and sound.
YB: You’re right. I think the song feels different depending on who the person listening to it is. We wanted to make a song that’s not just sad, but also hopeful. Read the rest of this entry »

[PICS] Big Bang New CYON Photoshoot

25 11 2009

For CYON (LG GD900) aka LG Crystal

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[NEWS] YG Ent Turns Down Proposal For Big Bang TOP To Star In Upcoming Drama ‘Zero Plus’

25 11 2009

Big Bang TOP, who has been promoting as actor recently, is known to have received a proposal to star in write Song JiNa’s new production.

And according to YG Entertainment said on 25th November through a phone interview, “We have received for TOP to star in Song JiNa’s new drama ‘Zero Plus’. But we have humbly declined the proposal due to TOP’s movie filming and Big Bang promotions.” Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Big Bang ‘声をきかせて’ on Music Fighter (21 Nov)

21 11 2009

[VIDEO] Big Bang VOGUE Undisclosed Clip + Interview (Jan 09)

21 11 2009

[NEWS] 13 Stars Unite for “2009 NongShim Love Sharing Concert”

21 11 2009

Previously a Stars’ Charity Bazaar news revealed, and now our Korean Celebs are together again in another good deeds event. This time it’s called “2009 NongShim Love Sharing Concert.”


The 10th “NongShim Love Sharing Concert” will be held on November 22, 2009. This activity will be done together with the Korean Red Cross as this event aimed to help the needy people. The visitors can come to the event by bringing their ID Card and 2 bags of NongShim Shin Ramyeon as their donation and when the number reach 1000 bags, the Korean Red Cross Korea will distribute it to the needy people. Read the rest of this entry »