[NEWS] 2AM JinWoon Down With Swine Flu

6 11 2009

2AM member JinWoon who will be sitting for his college entrance exams coming 12th November has known to have been down with swine flu, but news came late about it.

It known that the 3 other 2AM member SeulOng, ChangMin and JinWoon has taken the test for swine flu on 27th October. It was later confirmed that JinWoon has contracted swine flu on 1st November. Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] Ga-In Visits JoKwon’s Dorm

1 11 2009

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In visited 2AM’s dorm to see her husband Jo Kwon on the popular show We Got Married.

Though Jo Kwon is still recovering from the swine flu and couldn’t film a new episode of We Got Married, filming for this weeks episode took place before he got sick.

Jo Kwon’s room was what one would expect from a diva with a bedroom sheet of flower patterns, a piano keyboard, and general cleanliness. Ga-In stated that this room doesn’t really look like a guys room and Jo-Kwon responded by asking her to test the bed springs by jumping up and down with their rear ends on the bed. As Ga-In looked around Jo Kwon said, “It felt like she was someone who’s been to my room a lot before.”
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[NEWS] Brown Eyed Girls GaIn Visits ‘Husband’ JoKwon’s Dorm For The First Time

31 10 2009

Brown Eyed Girls GaIn visits her ‘husband’ Jo Kwon’s dormitory for the first time.

For We Got Married aired on 31st October, GaIn visits Jo Kwon’s dormitory for the first time, she also met with the other 2AM members and also did cooking for them.

Early in the morning, Jo Kwon was seen at the door of the dormitory with holding a flash which writes, “Noona is my endorphin” which had GaIn smiling.

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[NEWS] 2AM’s JinWoon Explains About His ‘Love Triangle’ with KARA’s Nicole and Hara

31 10 2009

2AM’s youngest, Jinwoon, explained about the love-triangle with KARA’s Nicole and Hara.

On SBS ETV’s “Idol Maknae Rebellion” which first starts airing on November 7, Jinwoon took time to explain the rumors between him and the two KARA members.

This all started on SBS’s Strong Heart, where Nicole had shared a story where she said “I was supposed to eat out with a male celebrity, but instead he ditched me and ate with Hara instead, telling me that he was with his stylist nuna.” Jinwoon expressed his frustration about the rumors going around that he is the male Nicole was referring to.
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[NEWS] 2AM Jo Kwon Down With Swine Flu

29 10 2009

Male group 2AM member Jo Kwon (20) has been confirmed a swine flu case on 28th October.

It was revealed that Jo Kwon has developed high fever over last weekend and developed flu symptoms. He was then sent to the hospital where he was given body examination and also swine flu test. The swine flu test results shows positive, and Jo Kwon is now quarantined away from the rest of his group mates.

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[NEWS] Jo Kwon Wants To Be Reborn As A Dolphin

25 10 2009

Jo Kwon revealed on a recent recording of Chit Chat with Beauties that he wants to reborn as a dolphin.

Chit Chat with Beauties is a show where foreign women talk about their experiences living in Korea.

During the show, a topic was brought up and the topic was, “If you were to be born again, what would you be?” and Jo Kwon surprised everyone by answering he wants to be Xiah Junsu a dolphin.
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[VIDEO] Strong Heart Episode 3 Cuts (Eng Subbed)

25 10 2009

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