[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 72 (Sandara Park & UEE)

17 11 2009

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[VIDEO] Sandara & UEE on Family Outing Preview

8 11 2009

[NEWS] ‘Family Outing’ Cornered As Being A ‘Fake’ Program

2 11 2009

These days, mostly of what viewers see today are reality variety programs. Some of the top programs being KBS with their ‘1 Nights and 2 Day’ and MBC with their ‘Infinity Challenge.’ However, the SBS reality program ‘Family Outing’ is currently cornered as being a “fake” reality show program.

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[NEWS] UEE and Sandara Park Next Up on Family Outing

13 10 2009

After School UEE and 2NE1 Sandara Park will be appearing on SBS ‘Family Outing’.

The 2 will be taking part as guest appearance in mid-October on the show.

Jang HyukJae PD of the show said on 13th October, “It is decided that UEE and Sandara Park will taking part in the filming of Family Outing. We look forward to the 2 showing a fun side of them when they join the Family.” Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 68 (Guest: Ha JiWon)

12 10 2009

Welcome back Daesung! 😀

[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 56 (Eng Subbed)

8 10 2009

With guests Seungri & HyunJoong!

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[NEWS] Hyori’s Little Embarrassment Dancing to KARA’s Butt Dance

5 10 2009

Lee Hyori was faced with a little embarrassment after dancing to idol  girlgroup KARA’s butt dance.

This was featured in the latest episode of ‘Family Outing’ aired on 4th October, where Hyori together with the other Family members and special guests Cha TaeHyun and Jang Hyuk had visited the mountain sky line ride in KyeongSangBook Island. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 65: Seungri & HyunJoong (27 Sept)

27 09 2009

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[NEWS] YeJin and ChunHee Will Return to Family Outing

25 09 2009

Lee Chun Hee has expressed in recent times that he regretted leaving Family Outing back then and hopes that he will be invited back soon as a guest. But when will Chun Hee’s wish be fulfilled?

Earlier in the week on Ya Shim Man Man Season 2, Lee Chun Hee had recorded a video letter for PD Jang of Family Outing saying, “Even if I am only a guest, please let me appear on Family Outing once.” The following day on the 22nd, Lee Chun Hee said jokingly at the press conference of his new drama, “Really want to go and have some fun with the family.” Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 64 (SeungRi + HyunJoong)

20 09 2009

*all parts up!

Part 1/8

Part 2/8

Part 3/8

Part 4/8

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[VIDEO] Lee HyoRi & SeungRi Dancing to ‘Strong Baby’ Cut on Family Outing

20 09 2009

[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 63

14 09 2009

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[VIDEO] Seungri + HyunJoong in Family Outing Episode 63 Preview

13 09 2009

Airs next Sunday!

[NEWS] SS501 HyunJoong Spends The Night With His Ideal Girl Lee Hyori

29 08 2009

Kim HyunJoong appeared as a guest for SBS Sunday is Good’s ‘Family Outing’ filming on 24-Aug in a village at Gangwon-do. Kim HyunJoong spent the whole day helping to do farming works and other meaningful chores with Lee Hyori and other fixed ‘Family Outing’ members, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Soo Ro, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Jong Gook, Park Hae Jin, Park SiYeon.

Kim HyunJoong had thus fulfilled his promise to Lee Hyori. Lee Hyori had invited Kim Hyun Joong to participate for this show during DBSK’s concert in Feb.
Kim Hyun Joong had always chosen Lee Hyori as his ideal girl. Both of them were under the same family of DSP Media at one time. Kim HyunJoong cross-dressed as Fin.K.L during SS501’s concert, showing his constant affection for them. Of course, Lee Hyori took care of her juniors SS501, which Kim HyunJoong belongs to, whenever time allows.

Kim HyunJoong’s appearance episode will be shown on 27-Sep. This episode will also have Seung Ri who showed his loyalty by coming in place of Dae Sung who was hurt during a traffic accident.

Source: Sports Hankook
Translations: xiaochu @ Quainte501

[NEWS] SS501 Kim HyunJoong, ‘Great Idol Competition’ at “Family Outing” with SeungRi

28 08 2009

SS501’s Kim HyunJoong displayed his hilarious humor in SBS ‘Sunday is Good part 1 – Family Outing’.

Kim HyunJoong attended the filming for ‘Family Outing’ as the guest on 24-Aug, for 2 days 1 night, at Gangwon-do.

Big Bang’s Seungri also attended to this filming in place of Daesung who was hurt at a traffic accident, so it became an opportunity for one to see the attractiveness of popular idol group’s members in one place.

PD Jang HyukJae of ‘Family Outing’ said in an interview with Money Today Starnews in the morning of 27-Aug, “Kim HyunJoong and Seungri, who attended in place of Daesung, made idol’s unique attractive laughter.”

Kim HyunJoong and Seungri’s episode of ‘Family Outing’ will air on 20th and 27th September.

Source: starnews
Translations: xiaochu @ Quainte501

[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 60 (Eng Subbed)

28 08 2009

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[NEWS] Kim HyunJoong and SeungRi to Appear Together on Family Outing

24 08 2009

SS501 Kim HyunJoong will be appearing on SBS Family Outing.

Kim HyunJoong will be taking part in the filming of Family Outing on 24th and 25th August in KangWonDo as guest appearance on the show. The PD to the show revealed on 24th August, “Kim HyunJoong will be star guesting on the show. He is currently filming with us in a village in KangWonDo.” Read the rest of this entry »

[NEWS] Big Bang DaeSung Will Not Take Part in ‘Family Outing’ Filming on 24th August

17 08 2009

Big Bang DaeSung’s representative said on 17th August about the filming of SBS Family Outing to take place on 24th August, “DaeSung will not be able to take part in the filming for Family Outing on 24th August. The production team is also worried about DaeSung’s current health conditions.”

With that, DaeSung will not be taking part in the 2 days 1 night filming on 24th and 25th August for Family Outing. It would be tough for him to participate since he is nursing wounds from his recent car accident.

The production team to FO said, “Even though filming is important, but the person in concern is injured. Health will come first.”

Source: Sookyeong

[VIDEO] Family Outing Episode 59 (Eng Subbed)

17 08 2009

Get well soon, Daesung!

Part 1/10

Part 2/10

Part 3/10

Part 4/10
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[NEWS] Lee HyoRi Is Very Worried About Daesung’s Condition

12 08 2009

Big Bang’s Daesung ’s car accident surprised Lee Hyo-Ri and it makes her very worried about him. Lee Hyo-Ri who was also on set during the filming of Family Outing on 11th August, found out about the accident through a crew of Family Outing after filming and this made her worried about him a lot.

Lee Hyori said ”Usually, my brother is very careful about this stuff that’s why I was shocked and surprised when I heard the news. She is unable to contact him and the staff did not know the detailed situation and this made her worry even more.”

Family Outing has finished filming on August 11th and this accident happened when Daesung was on the way from Gyeonggi Province back to Seoul.

Translations: ashlee1110/ hyorisubs