[MOD-POST] KPOP JJANG 짱 On Hiatus – Till Further Notice

4 01 2010

Hi loyal readers,

This will be the last post here on KPOP JJANG 짱 for awhile. We have made this decision after much discussion to put this blog on hiatus as we are all very busy at the moment. One of us are graduating soon and the rest are piled with school work and working life 😦 We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and we would like to thank everyone who was supported us and KPOP JJANG 짱 these past 2 years! 😀

Once we have everything settled well, we will start posting and sharing the Kpop love once again! You can leave your emails in this post and we’ll email you when we start posting again!


Thanks once again,




42 responses

4 01 2010

good luck for you all and happy new year!!! Do mail me when u’re back on fire!! yvonnerella@hotmail.com

4 01 2010

Yes please email me!! I understand you because I’m really busy with university and work but I really like this blog so when you’re ready please let me know!!

This is my email => nishikidoirie@gmail.com

Thanks for your work guys!!

4 01 2010

I’m looking forward to hear about your come back!

5 01 2010

i really, wish that you will soon settle everything, i really miss your posts 😦 cuase your site is the only one where i get my kpop news.. 😦 so yeah here is my email i want to know when your posting news again > sweet_sugarsnail@hotmail.com

hope i will get the mail soon 😀 love, unknown*

5 01 2010

;o; , I hope school and every other aspect of your life is successful. ❤ !

5 01 2010
5 01 2010

well.. thanks , and hope you come back better than ever 😀 / ( with a BIG BANG )
love this sitee~

5 01 2010

omg im sad but u guys are really busy thank u for all the news and the best post we all wish u guys good luck and wait for your return!

5 01 2010

please inform me please

5 01 2010
Sarah Lie

be back soon…^^

5 01 2010

please tell me if you start posting again..I’ll be waiting tq.

5 01 2010

Good luck with everything! Hope to see you guys back soon!

5 01 2010

Good luck with work, school, etc!
I’ll be looking forward to the time when you guys come back. ^^

5 01 2010


i cannot wait.. 😦

prefer this site than.. allkpop

5 01 2010

Hi there,

So sad to hear that you’ll be on hiatus 😦
But I guess, that’s for your own good. So, I wish u all the best.
Please keep me posted when u’re back to business 🙂
Kpop Jjang!! Fighting!!

5 01 2010

whuaaaaa.. so sad to hear.. u_u but kinda understand ur situation.. pls come back soon orite.. ^^d

5 01 2010
Eunice Chin

Thank you for posting so much these years. It was great following your website 🙂

6 01 2010

can you delete this after you save it? ahaha. i’m not good with giving stuff out, ya know?
but i hope you guys can come back soon~

7 01 2010

Please email me when you are ready to continue the blog. hohliu@yahoo.co.uk
Thank you for all your hardwork.

7 01 2010

ow! that’s just kinda sad…been a fan this site…guess i’ll just have to wait until then…hope it won’t be long

7 01 2010

ow! that’s just kinda sad…been a fan this site…guess i’ll just have to wait until then…hope it won’t be long

7 01 2010

I wish you all the best of luck with everything! I’ll be waiting for you guys to come back. 🙂

7 01 2010

oh no

7 01 2010


I completely understand. School must come first.

7 01 2010

=) .. Please do =)

8 01 2010

thanks soo so much everyone!! i really appreciate all of the time you’ve taken to get everything to be easilly accessable. 🙂

9 01 2010

I am the fans of Kpop JJang. . . .feeling sad when I saw this message. must inform me when you start posting again. this is my e-mail : siew-hui@hotmail.com

11 01 2010

i won’t leave you my email, but i’ll check periodically. i miss kpop jjang! heh. come back whenever you’re ready~ good luckkk!

11 01 2010

Hi! i shall wait 4 the coming post weneva it may be. send me an email wen it happens k. thnx 🙂

11 01 2010

Oh man, for a moment there I was worried.
I sure hope you guys come back, to be honest you-re the only Kpop blog I read because you-re the only ones who deliver the news properly, like news should be delivered, no nasty comments and no gossip, I respect that a lot.

Thank you for all the time you guys spent doing this blog, updating it and overall working on it, it has always been one of the first sites I visited in the morning =)

I hope you-ll be running soon, I-ll keep the link in my links folder and check it from time to time. Hope everything works well with school, jobs and whatever else you guys are busy with! Best of luck!


12 01 2010

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! OMG I’m going to miss this blog!!
But I hope that everyone is doing great!!
Good luck to all of you in your work and school!!!
I’ll wait until you are able to post again!!
-kiisachan <3!!

p.s. oh here is my email…please email me when u are active again!!!

12 01 2010

Gonna miss you guys! Hope you all be back soon.
Wish all of you have a Happy life!!

12 01 2010
Luna P.
12 01 2010
Luna P.

Please send me e-mail when there’s something update, espeacially ’bout TVXQ.
I beg you.

Thanks lots for all your informations :]

22 01 2010

because they do not already left more blog entries?

25 01 2010

oh x[
i found this blog, tow days ago ..
and didn’t notice this post..

it’s bad to stop bosting in this blog, i really like it..
however, wish you a good luck in your graduating

we’ll wait for you ^_^

26 01 2010
jewels yang

please let meh knoe!! thanks!!!

29 01 2010


5 02 2010
miao yan

reali miss ur k pop news very much. Hope to see ur k pop news soon. Good luck for everything. 🙂

9 02 2010

Have a happy holiday!!! I know it’s a late comment but anyways!!! I can’t wait till you post something interesting!!!! Especialy if it’s about BIGBANG!!! I love them!!! 😀

27 02 2010

Thanks for everything…

I will follow you.

28 02 2010

Do email when u return!(;

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