[NEWS] MBLAQ, “We Wanted to Call Rain ‘Father’”

1 12 2009

MBLAQ reveals an episode where they wanted to call singer Rain by ‘father’.

MBLAQ said during an interview with Monkey3, “We feel really uneasy with out Rain hyung. His existence is like that of a father. And there was once we call him that and he said ‘How much is our age difference that you are already calling me that?’. Rain hyung don’t like to be called a father. With that we just called him by hyung.”

MBLAQ also revealed, “All of our members listen to f(x)’s ‘Chu’ everyday. Even though the song is good, we don’t have other designs (motives).”



Source: Sookyeong



4 responses

1 12 2009
kojack kisosi

What do they mean by-
. “we don’t have other designs (motives).”
motives for whaT?

7 12 2009

appa! must be really cute they are (MBLAQ)….:D

16 12 2009

hi mblaq ,
i like joon,seung ho,mir
joon because cute like i want to huj him and handsome ….
seung ho because he have a sweet vocal and handsome…..
mir because he have a rap vpcal that i like and handsome …..


i well see are you and you and you post to me okey ….
commet me okey …..

4 02 2010
inlove with you all

omg omg omg …. let me just say that i love you all an hope that you will always be the same … your the best @@@@ !!!!!! hugs and kisses to all .. love you !@!! i really do … you all are so hot ! HOT !

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