[NEWS] Park Bom ‘You And I’ is The Best Online Song for November

29 11 2009


2NE1 member Park Bom’s solo debut song ‘You And I’ is the best hit song online for the month of November.

According to music portal site Dosirak on 29th November, the song is up #1 on the monthly chart for the month of November. In the cold late-Autumn winter, it seems that this song is just the right song for the mood and has received much love from music fans.

At #2 is Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Sign’, #3 Baek Ji Young with ‘Don’t Forget’ and #4 with Seo In Kook’s debut song ‘Calling You’. It seems ballad is doing well this month.


Rest of the chart results:

  1. Park Bom ‘You And I’
  2. Brown Eyed Girls ‘Sign’
  3. Baek Ji Young ‘Don’t Forget’
  4. Seo In Kook ‘Calling You’
  5. SHINee ‘Ring Ding Dong’
  6. OneTwo ‘Bad Girl’
  7. 2PM ‘Tired of Waiting’
  8. f(x) ‘Chu~♡’
  9. Ivy ‘Goodbye Tears’
  10. SS501 ‘Love Like This’

LeeSsang who won #1 on the monthly chart last month with the song ‘Who Can’t Break Up, A Man Who Can’t Leave’ has fallen out of the top 10 positions this month



Source: Sookyeong




One response

1 03 2010

I am korean too, and i love the song you and i it is like my favourite song.

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