[NEWS] MBLAQ, “Rain Avoided Us For 3 Days”

27 11 2009

Rain was pissed off and didn’t acknowledge his MBLAQ members’ greetings for 3 whole days.

MBLAQ spilled the beans about their mentor and producer on the upcoming episode of the KBS2 TV variety program, “Star Golden Bell.” The MC, Jeon Hyun-moo asked the newcomers, “There seems to be a scary side to Rain, the producer. Was there a time when he was not?” To this question, the boys replied:

“We trained hard- staying up all night for a month. And one day, Rain sonbae came up to us and said, “Kids, you must be hungry. Let’s go eat.””

Unfortunately, Rain was the only one who felt that way. The MBLAQ members were honest and said:

“Hyung, We are not hungry”

With that reply, Rain asked them again 3 times. Afterward, for 3-4 days, Rain did not say anything to us. Basically, Rain was not happy that the boys said “no” to his offer to eat with him.

The revealing little tidbit will air on “Star Golden Bell” on November 28th.




Source: Popseoul




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28 11 2009

Lol rain

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