[NEWS] JYP Entertainment Declares ‘NO to Slave Contracts’

26 11 2009

The agency of Wonder Girls, 2AM, and 2PM, JYP Entertainment, has stated that they are against the use of slave contracts.

The Fair Trade Commission of Korea has stated on the 26th “JYP is currently using a contract that is made from our standards with standard stipulations.”

Following what the FTC stated, it has been revealed that JYP utilizes a contract set up by the FTC last July for celebrities. They went on to say “JYPE is the first entertainment company to use our standard contracts.”

The contracts of JYP as revealed by FTC show that the 7 year contracts are exclusive to the time period and lets the entertainer control their own activities. Should their income increase, the amount distributed back to the entertainer will also increase, also known as a sliding system.

“We hope that JYP will become the stepping stone to a new standard of contracts in the music world.” 


Source: Newsen




4 responses

27 11 2009

JYP seems like such a fair company. YG too. Unlike some ‘other’ company…*coughsmecough*

27 11 2009

lol i agree with you babababan…that certain company doesn’t seem to have common sense.

2 12 2009

haha agreed with the above ^^
i like jyp and park jinyoung, i wish dbsk would move to them!

19 02 2010

true true … the problem is that SME is rlly big company and it seems that there’s one rule – all that counts is money …

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