[TRANS] Big Bang’s Interview in ViVi Magazine

25 11 2009

They debuted in 2006. The next year “Lie”, written and composed by leader G-Dragon was 1st on the charts for 8 weeks, and they swept all the major Korean music awards. They stood at the top of the Korean music industry in 2007, and just one year after their debut they started their overseas activities. In June this year, they finally released their Japanese major debut single “My Heaven”, which reached third on the Oricon charts at once. A record! They’re very different from other idol groups at the moment. Their influential songs and cool visuals. Right now they are the singing and dancing, talent-based idol group representing asia. They still hide lots of secrets even after their major debut, so ViVi interviewed them to show the true Big Bang!

-First, please introduce to us the song <Let Me Hear Your Voice>
YB: The 2 other songs we’ve released in Japan so far have been enjoyable club music but this time it was for a drama so to fit that image, and since it’s Autumn the song is a lyrical ballad.

-The lyrics about thinking of your girlfriend is really sad. But the BigBang-ish tempo gave it quite an optimistic feeling and sound.
YB: You’re right. I think the song feels different depending on who the person listening to it is. We wanted to make a song that’s not just sad, but also hopeful.

-What were you thinking of when you sung it?
V.I: I liked the lyrics, so I kept imagining the woman in the song and sung my heart out.
GD: I was thinking that we haven’t done a ballad in a while, so I want to sound different to our previous songs…

-Are you used to promoting in Japan now?
TOP: We do so many things in the short times that we come to Japan, so I’m always brace myself before we come. (laughs)
YB: Our Japanese fans are like our girlfriends in Japan. We like that we can meet our fans who love Big Bang.

-You can sing and dance, Big Bang has so many abilities and attractions. What do you think fans are most attracted to?
TOP: The fact that we enjoy ourselves so much on stage, we’ve always thought it’s important have fun with our fans while we sing and dance.

-What kind of year was 2009 for you?
YB: A year when I could seriously think about and concentrate on my music and myself. Just recently, I feel like my vision’s cleared.
GD: A busy year with our major Japanese debut, our solo debuts and concerts. A year when so many things were so sensitive.
DS: An eventful year. I was in a big accident, and lots of events occurred like our major debut in Japan, so I’m now able to be thankful for all the little things too. I think I’ve become more optimistic.

-What kind of year would you like 2010 to be?
GD: 10 is a perfect number, so I hope next year becomes a ‘perfect year’.
V.I: I want to become a valuable dongseng that Big Bang needs. (V.I is the youngest of the members)
TOP: What?! You think we don’t need you now?!
YB: V.I is a very cute dongseng at the moment, too.
TOP: I want to find a brand of wine that I’ve never tried before and taste the depth of life…just kidding!
DS: I hope that I don’t forget to smile in 2010, and that I try really hard in everything.

-What’s Big Bang to you?
GD: Another family. We go to each other for advice for lots things, not only work.
YB: The members always understand my problems the most and I can speak honestly when I’m with them.

-After seeing ViVi..
VI: (in Japanese) Where are all these refined women? Introduce me, please!
YB: (in Japanese) Well, we don’t actually have any friends in Japan at the moment so…
TOP: It’s my birthday on the 4th of November, let’s all eat together! I’ll buy kokoichi curry. You can also order chicken, sausages and topping for fritters.
GD: What, only one type of topping? (laughs)

-Who do you guys think is the most classy and stylish of the members?
(Everyone except for TOP points at him) T.O.P!
TOP: Well its hard to pick one person since every member has their own individuality and like different styles…but thanks.

-Enjoyment in Japan
TOP: Shopping. And just what do we buy?
VI: That would be lunchboxes (obentos).
TOP: Clothes and accessories!
YB: When we first came to Japan, we all bought T-shirts and Levis shoes together.
TOP: There are lots of designs not available in Korea and their clothing lines are different. Trends and feelings are also always changing so we go shopping every time we come to Japan.
GD: This time, I plan to make them take us to a LOVELESS store called GUILD PRIME.

-Any new Japanese you’ve learnt recently?
VI: Gorogoro! (the sound of, um, literally rolling but it means like relaxing and doing nothing) I gorogoro around at home.
DS: KiraKira (twinkle twinkle). Cos we were on KiraKira Radio Time yesterday, and I liked the sound of it.
VI: Ramen (noodles), Tsukemen (Chinese noodles), Bokuikemen (I’m a handsome boy)!!! (joke)
And also, Are you healthy~ (imitating Antonio Inoki)

-The person you think won’t change even after 10 years?
YB: Wouldn’t it be VI?
TOP: VI hasn’t changed since I first met him. I wish he would though. (laughs)
GD: I haven’t changed.
YB: It’s my pace. (??)

-The person who is the most show-offy in front of fans?
(everyone looks at VI)
VI: ..It might be me? (laughs) I feel hyper when I’m in front of my fans.
TOP: He’s so hyper that he forgets to sing his parts in the songs. (laughs)

-Who changes in front of women?
VI: Yes. (raises his hand) I become a man.
TOP: When he’s with guys, he doesn’t talk that much but when he’s with girls, he’s very well mannered and talks really well.
VI: (suddenly in Japanese) Go out with me! This is my pickup phrase.
GD: In Korea, he’s always going Nuna! Nuna!! (laughs)

-Who brings together everyone’s opinions?
Everyone picked G-Dragon.
GD: We’ve never fought before, but I think it’s my job as the leader to decide things whenever something happens.

-Hopes of marriage?
TOP: GD always talks of how he wants to get married
GD: If I meet my ideal woman, I want to get married straight away. And I want to start making a world of just the two of us.

-Your favourite part of your physical appearance?
VI: My snaggletooth!
YB: My side profile.
GD: No, Taeyang’s is the veins in his arms!
YB: Oh that too.. (shows arms) I’m working out so they’re pretty thick.
DS: My pinky finger. In Korea they say that if you paint your pinky nail in summer and it lasts until the first snowfall, you will experience true love. Look, mine’s still here.
TOP: My eyebrows.
GD: They’re very long, and a lot thicker now too.
TOP: I used to have hair all over my upper forehead instead of thick eyebrows, so I would tie it back.
YB: TOP is so serious when he jokes, I’m not sure what parts are true and how far the joke goes up to.
TOP: Really? (laughs) But (although I joke) I don’t lie.

-The first Japanese phrase you learnt?
TOP: How much is this?
VI: Where’s the toilet?

-Your ideal type
GD: Before I saw a girl who I thought ‘Wow, nice~’. (points at Akiko in page 143 in December issue) This model is so cool. My ideal type! I like mysterious looking girls.
VI: (in Japanese) Are there any 20 year olds? What about 19 year olds?
-Akiko is 19.
GD: (surprised) Really~?! Maybe she’ll like a Hello Kitty doll as a present…
DS: How old is this person? (points at Akusho Hiroshi on page 150, December issue)
YB: DaeSung likes the person under her, Takeuchi Yuko, don’t you?
DS: Well…Um… (embarassed)
YB: I like Chikako chan (page 95, Dec issue) I would like her to be in my music video. She’s perfect for the part!

-If you weren’t a singer, what would you be doing right now?
VI: I want to be a ViVi model.
GD: (laughs) DaeSung would definitely be a school student.
DS: I think I would go to a vocal training school? Or I might be a teacher there.
YB: But in Korea you have to serve a military service…so I would probably be there.

-Artists you like in Japan?
YB: I don’t know many, but people I’ve come to like from TV or Radios are AI chan and Chrystal Kay.

TOP Profile

Se7en, a company sunbae chose him the name T.O.P. It has lots of different meanings, including the TOP of the top. Is a rapper.

1987 November 4th, Blood type B, 180cm, 70kg
Family: Dad, Mum, older sister
Special skills/talents: Too many…
Hobbies: Collecting sneakers and figures
Food you like: sushi, raw fish
Subjects you’re good at: Japanese
Artists you like: Big Bang
Hours of sleep last night: 5
Average hours of sleep: Irregular because of the Korean drama IRIS I’m currently in.
Shop or area you want to recommend: Night scenery in Seoul.

G-Dragon Profile

Real name Kwon Ji Yong. In Korean Yong means 龍 (dragon) so chose the stage name G-Dragon.
Is a rapper, and the team leader.
1988, August 18th, blood type A, 188cm, 57kg
Family: Dad, Mum, older sister
Special talents: Rapping, writing & composing
Hobbies: Sleeping, cooking, watching movies, drawing
Likes: Crab, Noodles, Meat
Subject he’s good at: Art
Artist he likes: Jay-Z
Hours of sleep last night: 12
Average hours of sleep: 3~4
Places you recommend in Korea: The naturally scenically beautiful Gapyung.

D-Lite Profile

From the word delight, meaning to give happiness and enjoyment etc. Is a vocalist.
1989 April 26th, Blood type O, a little less than 2 metres tall, 63kg
Family: A happy four-member family
Special talents: Singing
Hobby: Reading
Food he likes: Everything
Subjects he’s good at: Maths, P.E
Artist he likes: Hirai Ken
Hours of sleep last night: 11
Average hours of sleep: 8
Shop/place you recommend in Korea: Hongde samguhri pocha (I think it’s a shopping district)

SOURCE:빅뱅활력소 @ bbvipz.com
CREDITS: SJay.x @ bigbangvip




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