[NEWS] YG Ent Turns Down Proposal For Big Bang TOP To Star In Upcoming Drama ‘Zero Plus’

25 11 2009

Big Bang TOP, who has been promoting as actor recently, is known to have received a proposal to star in write Song JiNa’s new production.

And according to YG Entertainment said on 25th November through a phone interview, “We have received for TOP to star in Song JiNa’s new drama ‘Zero Plus’. But we have humbly declined the proposal due to TOP’s movie filming and Big Bang promotions.”

It is also added, “After the 20-episode drama ‘IRIS’ ends, TOP will immediately start work for his movie ‘In the GunFire’. Also, TOP will be busy with Big Bang’s Japanese promotions and concert performances in Korea, it is a shame that it will be hard for him to participate in ‘Zero Plus’.”


TOP will be starting work in the movie filming for ‘In the GunFire’ end-November after ‘IRIS’ drama filming. The movie also stars other actors like Cha SeungWon and Kwon SangWoo. The movie is about how student soldiers have risked their lives and showed courage for the country. It will be directed by Lee JaeHan who also directed movie ‘A Moment To Remember’.

Meanwhile, Song JiNa is known for her dramas like ‘The Story of the First King’s Four Gods’ etc



Source: Sookyeong




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