[NEWS] JoKwon Doesn’t Want To Be Seen As Being Feminine

25 11 2009

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We’re no stranger to 2AM leader Jo Kwon’s crazy ssanti ways, but on the November 24th episode of Sang Sang Plus, Jo Kwon spoke out about his body and his dislike of being seen as “feminine.”

He said:

“It’s stressful to hear that I’m pretty. My voice is very feminine as well, so often when I answer the phone at home, people have said to my mother ‘Your daughter’s voice is very pretty’. And because my body is small and thin, I get seen in a feminine view. So for 2 years I rigorously worked out and afterwards people were surprised when they saw my body.”

To see our ssanti king in a new light is alarming, but unfortunately, his body can never please him and everyone else at the same time. “Even though I worked out really hard for 2 years, it was disappointing because people told me my new body and my face didn’t look good together. I worked really hard,” said Jo Kwon, expressing his disappointment.

But after being cheered on during the show he stood up and flipped up his shirt to show off his delicious chocolate abs. He also said that he was much more manlier than his fellow 2AM member Changmin saying, “Member Changmin owns a pair of red fishnet panties. He claims they’re part of a couples panties from a girlfriend from his pre-debut days. Compared to him, my heart imprinted panties are nothing.”

Source: allkpop



2 responses

25 11 2009

he is like a girl/gay
he acts like a girl
and he has a gay appearance hehe

26 11 2009

😦 I feel so bad for Jo Kwon…

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