[NEWS] U-Kiss DongHo Rushed Into ER Last Weekend, “I’m Alright Now”

23 11 2009

News have came late that UKiss member DongHo was rushed to ER earlier for neurological enteritis.

DongHo has participated in the baseball match in JeJu Island which took place from 20th to 22nd November for KBS 2TV ‘Invincible Baseball’.

had complained of abdominal pain after returning to the dormitary after the first game with a strong Busan baseball team on 21st November. Following that on 22nd November, he was rushed into ER in a hospital in JeJu island.


A representative said, “DongHo had felt great pressure about the match. And had neurological enteritis. He was put on Ringer and returned to Seoul.” DongHo was not able to join the filming for ‘Invincible Baseball’ on 22nd November.

And recently when met up with reporters, DongHo assured, “I’m alright now”.



Source: Sookyeong




4 responses

9 01 2010


10 01 2010

Omgsh TOT
I’m a fan of DongHo’s and I’d love to worry about him, but I don’t even know what neurological enteritis is D:

23 01 2010

thanks god your okay,
hope to see more from your performance, best luck

1 02 2010

he is so hot! i luv him

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