[NEWS] KBS, MBC and SBS Will Not Give Out Awards For Year-End Music Festivals This Year

23 11 2009

The 3 major broadcast companies in Korea – MBC SBS KBS – will not have any award ceremony for their year-end music festivals.

MBC said on 23rd November, “This year alike, we will not be giving out awards for our year-end music festivals to the singers.” MBC started having their ‘Teens Singer Music Festival’ which they will give out awards every year. But from 2006, they decided to do away with the awards and named it as ‘MBC Music Festival’, and have singers showcase various performances during the event.

This goes the same for KBS, they will not be giving out awards to singers this year. A KBS rep said, “Like the past 3 years, we will not be giving out awards for our year-end music festivals. The event, to take place in December, will be prepared as a special broadcast programme.”

KBS started with the annual ‘KBC Music Awards’ from 1984, but starting from 2005, they did away with it and came up with ‘KBS Music Festival’ instead which does not give out any awards.

And SBS is the last of the 3 companies do with away with the awards. This year, SBS will not be giving out awards for its year-end music festival.

A SBS rep said, “We will not be giving out any special awards to the singers this year. It will be made into a special program in the form of a festival this year.” SBS has been carrying out their annual ‘SBS Gayo DaeJun’ from 1991 till 2007 where they would give out awards to singers.

But they stopped giving out awards from 2008.

With that, this will be the 4th year where MBC, KBS and SBS will not give out awards during year-end music festivals. They will be just music festivals where singers can meet with fans and TV viewers putting up various performances.



Source: Sookyeong




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7 12 2009

awards are no fun when tvxq is not around anyway…

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