[NEWS] SM Entertainment Incensed with TVXQ Trio at MAMA

21 11 2009

The inaugural MAMA awards might have been over just recently, with the TVXQ trio of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu making an appearance and receiving the “Best Representative for Asia” award on behalf of TVXQ.

But in a interview with SM Entertainment right after the MAMA was concluded, a representative said that they had no right to do so:

“The trio had no right to receive the award on behalf of TVXQ. The awards organizer should give the award to a liaison on behalf of SM Entertainment instead. This is unacceptable since they had only invited the 3 members.”

In response, a MNET representative stated:

“We invited all 5 TVXQ members to the MAMA awards ceremony beforehand. But only the trio responded to our request while the other two did not. We don’t see any problems with the trio receiving the award on behalf of the whole group.”

Source: Allkpop




11 responses

22 11 2009

everything that say out from sm is full of lies..

22 11 2009

Why is SM being so harsh on them, just because they stood up to SM for their own human rights! This is not right for SM to treat them like this, i find this unfair and unjust!….and why didn’t YUNHO and CHANGMIN go???

22 11 2009

HAHA Sucked in again SM

22 11 2009

yunho and changmin is with sm..they support sm haiz i really dunno y they 2 will support sm >.<
great=that is nothing funny to laught

23 11 2009

“The awards organizer should give the award to a liaison on behalf of SM Entertainment instead.”

I bet the audience would’ve BOOO’ed him/her instead of cheered…

Really, SM, just F off. Don’t make us hate you (like we don’t already).

23 11 2009

I definitely agree with MNet.
Just go to hell SM…

24 11 2009

SM should really go f*** themselves already.

27 11 2009

why isn`t SM treating them like this???
F*** SM.. Liar`s go to Hell..

dbskfighting… Love dbSK.. 🙂

12 12 2009

dbsk….i love you………….

20 12 2009

SM boycott all SM artist no to go for MAMA awards.. so that’s the reason why you didnt see any other artist such like SJ,Shinee,SNSD there as guest in MAMA…

Dont blame YunHo and ChangMin for not going for the MAMA…

Just the management or whoever the operation manager of SM is just SUCKS…

22 12 2009

Agree with u Maki
SM I hate u full
SM u r so ******
Loph u pull DBSG
GbU ^^

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