[NEWS] Rain Looking Into Several Hollywood Scripts

21 11 2009

The doors of Hollywood are continuing to open for Korean superstar Rain who is currently looking through several scripts for his next big screen appearance, according to his agency on Friday.

“He is currently looking at about six scripts but has not reached any sort of decision yet,” an official at J.Tune Entertainment said. “He is taking his time to decide, looking through each one carefully with an open mindset.”

Rain had mentioned during a recent press conference that working on his upcoming film “Ninja Assassin”, where he takes on his first-ever lead role in a Hollywood pic, had opened many opportunities for his acting career in the U.S.

“Ninja”, set for a worldwide release on November 26, was produced by Joel Silver of the “Die Hard” and “Lethal Weapon” series and the Wachowski Brothers, famous for “The Matrix” trilogy. Director James McTeigue is most well known for his directorial debut pic “V for Vendetta”.

Meanwhile, speculation is mounting amongst Korean netizens that the 27-year-old singer and actor has been cast to appear in Hollywood’s adaption of popular online game “World of Warcraft”. Rain had mentioned in several interviews that he is in talks to appear in a series movie whose production cost is set at over 170 million dollars.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, appeared in several dramas and movies in Korea before making his Hollywood debut in 2008 film “Speed Racer”.

Source: Asiae




One response

22 11 2009

love rain, cant wait for him to make it big. he has potential, confidence and determination! he can do it. best of luck with his movie

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