[NEWS] Female Rappers Assemble For MAMA Special Stage

21 11 2009

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With its opening date just around the corner, another wild stage has been announced to decorate the inaugural night of MAMA – but this time, it’s all girl power.

This special stage will be performed by a group of k-pop’s resident female rappers, including Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha), Miryo of the Brown Eyed Girls, Ha Joo Yeon (Baby J) of Jewelry, and Hyunah & Jiyoon of 4minute.

Of course, with their famous rapping skills that have rocked the k-pop scene of 2009, there is no doubt that this stage will truly be the best.

A representative revealed,

“These girls have been practicing for a very long time for their special stage on 2009 MAMA. It’s finally time to show their 21 days of pure hard work.”

Another representative added,

“Yoon Mi Rae is truly the best female rapper in Korea. When the girl group members heard the news that they will get to rap with Yoon Mi Rae, all of them were very nervous. These nervous girls spent day and night to train themselves for this stage.

They really poured their efforts and even made their own rap lines.

Please look forward to this awesome stage.”

Source: allkpop




One response

23 11 2009

ahhh why did they leave CL out T_T~ She should have been with them… q_q

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