[NEWS] Market O Real Brownies Becomes Best Seller

20 11 2009

Orion’s ‘Real Brownie’ has been a hot choice for female college students. Previously, Orion had not reached out to this age group, but now, college students are requesting and searching for this product so much that Orion had to release them into convienance stores to meet their demands.

For having only come out merely a year ago under the title ‘small indulgence,’ Real Brownies have become a best seller with a record 2 billion won (about 2 million US$). It is for sure the anticipated product to change the industry of this year.

The attribute to their success is the strengthened marketing of the product. Starting last September, they’ve brought in the most popular beast idols 2PM as their models and have put out their advertising with fashion photoshoots and into modern magazines.

The show windows on the streets are now filled with posters of 2PM’s chocolate abs and their manly physiques. Orion has even created a logo song with 2PM’s artistic beatbox mixes, attracting much attention. Market O has stated that they will release a new video advert chock full of 2PM’s charms, hoping to create more aggressive attention and interest.



Source: HeraldBiz
Translations: hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY




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