[NEWS] F(X) Sulli “My Ideal Guy is Ahn Sungki”

20 11 2009

The new girl group f(x)’s Sulli picked actor Ahn Sungki as her ideal type of guy.

In the recent interveiw with Asia Economy Newspaper, 16 year old Sulli announced “Out of all the male actors, my favorite is Ahn Sungki sunbae.”

The rest of the 5 members picked different actors as their ideal guy. Victoria is Song Seunghun’s forever fan and Amber likes Jang Hyuk. “After watching the drama ‘Thankyou’ I started to like Jang Hyuk’ said Amber.

Krystal is Kang Dongwon’s fan, Luna has a crush on Lee Byunhun after watching the latest KBS drama, ‘Iris’.

“Although all of our ideal guys are different, The one male star that we always talk about is SHINee oppas!” said f(x) while giggling.

F(x) is having alot of sucess promoting their first single album ‘Chu~♡’

Source: Asiae
Translations: Sugarcookie




2 responses

21 11 2009

Oh, how cute! If SHINee being paired up with f(x), there would definitely be ‘shiny effects’! *Get it? Get it?*

6 12 2009

ahaha. that’s a good one. ^^

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