[NEWS] 2NE1 CL and Gong MinJi for Duet Song ‘Please Don’t Go’ as Part of YG’s Surprise Show

19 11 2009

2NE1 CL and Gong MinJi will be releasing a duet song as digital single.

Coming 20th November, they will be revealing the duet ‘Please Don’t Go’. With no special preview about it, this is part of the surprise show which Yang HyunSeok has been talking about on YG’s official site.

The song ‘Please don’t go’ is a dance number with fast hiphop rhythm produced by YG’s main producer Teddy.

YG Entertainment said, “Because this is a secret production in lieu of postponement of the release of 2NE1’s new album, which was originally set to drop in November, we did not even produce a MV so that the staff will not know of this project. Even though this is very sudden, it will be a present for fans who like 2NE1’s music.”


Meanwhile, they will be performing the song on MAMA on 21st November for the first time, and then performing it again during NonShim Love Division concert on the 22nd.




Source: Sookyeong




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