[NEWS] Watching MAMA On The Internet? Try Out The New ‘Multi-Angle’ Service!

17 11 2009

2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards(MAMA) will be one of the first in Korea to launch the real time multi-angle web casting service on the Internet during the whole ceremony.

By ‘multi-angle’, netizens can choose to watch the ceremony from the different cameras positioned at different angles during the show. Added to the fact that MAMA will be having some of Korea’s top singers for special stages for the show, it will give audience a real feel of the performances.

There will be 5 video views with this multi-angle service, of which 1 will be the main screen, and the rest of the 4 will be ENG camera which will have its videos sent to Mnet.com.

It will be as easy as a click away to choose between the 4 view angles/cameras on Mnet.com during the show for netizens.

This service will be available through registering on Mnet.com (http://multi-angle.mnet.com) and then a service access will be granted to 5,000 chosen netizens. Registration will end coming 20th November at noon.



Source: Sookyeong




One response

18 11 2009
miy@ki ch@n

i can’t understand wut the page show..coz all of it were in korean language…so i hope minsarang.wordpress will give tutorial bout that..hopefully u can help all of us..i really(x100) hope u read this and reply as soon as possible

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